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Works with: Adobe Illustrator

Format: AI

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free

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Doodle symbols for Illustrator gallery (#72) 100 Doodle symbols / Sketch shapes for Adobe AI CC 2015 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS6 2014 CS1 etc. PC and MAC OS X. The set includes all the artworks in AI format along with documentation about the installation and basic use of the presets as well as a serial number and a Thumbnail gallery.


They are all vectors for any size of document or artwork. They can be blended, tweaked modified, distorted, transformed, effects can be applied. They can be combined, exported to other applications and much more.


For commercial (CU4CU) use, all are by Andrew Buckle /


On buying the doodle symbols set, you receive the AI document set along with documentation and gallery and serial.

Doodle symbols for Illustrator

How to open them

The set is supplied in standard AI file format though if you open them in any other app, you will find that the shapes are not visible. They are saved in the version 10 format so they can be used in all versions of AI up from 10 on the PC and MAC. They can be opened as standard AI files via the open menu command. If you open the file though all you will see are paths in the artboard along with the paths in the panel. To really use them as symbols though, you have to open them via the presets panel via the right side menu to load the library (either browse or select by name - to select by name, the AI file needs to be in the presets folder of AI). If you place the AI file into the presets path then you can also access the set via any of the libraries and the bottom left and right arrows to scroll through those libraries. That is probably the quickest and easiest way to see all the colorful super items included in the set as well as the other sets. Once opened, you can then select the individual items and then they will be added to the document's library and then they can be modified (re-colored etc)


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You may be interested in the doodle fonts for use in AI as well as Photoshop and ps elements and many others


How to save them

If you decide that you like some of the items currently in the preset panel then you can also save the document and the library to a new AI file. You can do this via the panel but personally I prefer to save the items via the save menu as I have had a number of corruptions of files via the side bar. If you wish to store swatches etc as well, you can but if you want the smallest file possible then I would recommend that you remove any of the items such as swatches and brushes as well as other shapes that you do not need and then save the file. You can also remove actions etc though I doubt if they take up much


How were they created

They were all in created in Adobe AI by the drawing items such as globes etc and the paths were then cleaned up using the various tools in the toolbox and then items were then saved from the artboard to the panel and the set was all then saved as a new AI file. The items were also exported for use in Photoshop as shapes etc in other projects. Some of the items were created using an artpad and then traced.


How to use them with the creative cloud CC 2014 ??? 2015

The creative cloud update for CC 2014 (October) includes a number of new features and one in particular of use with the paths included in these sets is the creative cloud library. The creative cloud library allows for easy sharing between Photoshop and AI as well as different OS and also different machines and can be used as a store for a project, particular themes, work in progress and much more. You cannot add the presets directly to the library, you have to drag the item from the preset's panel and then to the artboard and then to the CC library and the item can be used in Photoshop as well as any future projects in AI (and hopefully at some point in other parts of the creative cloud). They can be used as a single item added to the libraries panel, also a grouping of instances as well as any result of a symbol spray; all can be added to the library and you can also drag them from the library to the artboard (at any point in the future) with the same settings / color / instance grouping - nothing changes. Other changes in the October 2014 release include join tool and curvature tool (and much more) but these have no real impact on any of the shapes though I guess you can always add the paths to any path created with the curvature tool


Ideas on how to use them

You can use the shapes to create all kinds of wonderful sketched imagery for sale on Zazzle etc. See some of my own t-shirts etc available on Zazzle to buy Super happy t-shirt - a lovely red sketched image in red and black and a female t-shirt, you can change the text and font etc as well. Zazzle : Curled and embellished t-shirt - a blue curled and embellished and extruded image as a frame; a wonderful t-shirt for all kinds of uses. Zazzle : Spot the dot t-shirt - a t-shirt with square sketch and a small red dot at the center of the whole thing. A perfect looking shirt for all your needs. You can also use them to make mats, posters, hats, textiles, web pages, lunchboxes, fabrics, perfume bottle labels, logos, book covers, CD covers, leaflets and much more. Any questions, please contact us


How to use with the sprayer tool

You can use all the items in the set just by dragging the items from the panel to the artboard - and I generally use them that way myself but you can also add them via the sprayer tool which can be found in the toolbox. The sprayer tool comes with the default tool which adds the instances to the artboard (you have to select the required shape though personally I wish this was extended to something more useful as multiple shapes selected and perhaps different patterns of sprays could be added to the mix; also an option to pre-scale and rotate the items would be a nice addition to the tool).


You can use the other tools in the sprayer set to manipulate the instances such as

sizer - re-sizes items

shifter - shift items

scruncher - scrunch items and pulls them together

spinner - rotates

stainer - adds color

screener - changes the opacity

styler - changes the style (if added)


They all have a number of options such you can hold down the option key (ALT) and the scruncher will no longer scrunch but push apart. Likewise the sizer tool will decrease as well as increase the size of the instances. Only those selected in the current group. The screener will change the opacity back up towards the 100% if the option key is selected. Sadly there is no option for the spinner (can't think of anything they could have done either). Many different images can be created using the sprayer tool. You can also, at any point, replace all the current instances with a totally different Illustrator symbol with the replace command found in the presets panel.