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Updated: October 17th, 2014

Illustrator symbols doodles hand sketch drawn shapes

Doodle sketch symbols for Illustrator gallery (V72)

100 Doodle / sketch symbols for Illustrator CC CS4 CS3 CS2 CS6 CS5 17 16 2014 CS1 etc PC and MAC OS X. The Illustrator doodle symbols set includes all the doodles in AI format along with documentation about the installation and basic use of the symbols as well as a serial number and a thumbnail gallery. They are all vectors for any size of document or artwork. They can be blended, tweaked modified, distorted, transformed, effects can be applied. The doodle symbols for Illustrator can be combined, exported to other applications and much more. For commercial (CU4CU) use, all the doodles are by Andrew Buckle / graphicxtras.com. On buying the doodle Illustrator symbols set, you receive the AI document set along with documentation and gallery and serial.

Doodle symbols for Illustrator


doodle symbols black Illustrator


Mix of doodle symbols for Illustrator - black art including sketches etc

Opening the doodle symbols in Illustrator

The set is supplied in standard AI. They can be opened as standard AI files via the open command. If you open the file though all you will see are paths in the artboard along with the paths in the palette. To really use them as symbols though, you have to open them via the presets palette via the right side menu to load the library (either browse or select by name - to select by name, the AI file needs to be in the presets folder of AI). Once opened, you can then select the individual items and then they will be added to the document's library and then they can be modified (re-colored etc)


doodle symbols combined with text


The doodle symbols can be combined with text in 1000s of ways in Adobe AI

crown doodle symbols for Illustrator fill live paint


The crown doodle symbol for Illustrator is filled using live paint

doodle symbols live paint fill random color grid


The doodle grid symbol for Illustrator filled with random colors using the powerful live paint tool found in the toolbox

colorful doodle symbols


Colorful doodle symbols for Illustrator - mix of backgrounds and objects

Doodle symbols and Creative Cloud update 2014

The creative cloud update for CC 2014 (October) includes a number of new features and one in particular of use with the paths included in these sets is the creative cloud library. The creative cloud library allows for easy sharing between Photoshop and AI as well as different OS and also different machines and can be used as a store for a project, particular themes, work in progress and much more. You cannot add the presets directly to the library, you have to drag the item from the preset's palette and then to the artboard and then to the CC library and the item can be used in Photoshop as well as any future projects in AI (and hopefully at some point in other parts of the creative cloud).


They can be used as a single item added to the libraries panel, also a grouping of instances as well as any result of a symbol spray; all can be added to the library and you can also drag them from the library to the artboard (at any point in the future) with the same settings / color / instance grouping - nothing changes.


Other changes in the October 2014 release include join tool and curvature tool (and much more) but these have no real impact on any of the shapes though I guess you can always add the paths to any path created with the curvature tool