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Works with: Adobe Illustrator

Format: AI

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free

Free samplers

Dot symbols for Illustrator gallery (#52) 120 Dot symbols / Distress / Moire shapes for Adobe AI CC 2015 CS3 CS2 CS1 10 11 12 2014 CS4 CS5 CS6 etc.


All royalty free, commercial (CU4CU) use.


Supplied in AI format. Many different distress dot symbols artworks are included in the set and they can be combined to create millions of unique artworks for all your projects. All are vectors for any size of work in Adobe AI. They can be colored as well as modified, distorted, exported, used as a source for other resources in Adobe AI and much more. Use them via the sprayer tool or just use them via the presets panel and apply them to the artboard as instances.


On purchase of the dot symbols, receive presets + gallery + serial + notes

Dot symbols for Illustrator

What do I receive

You are sent a zip file containing the AI files along with documentation and gallery of all the presets included in the set. A serial is supplied but it is not required during the install, it has uses with any updates and also if you wish to receive a replacement set (say you have lost the content when you move machines etc). The AI file contains all the artworks included in the set and is stored in standard AI 10 format and is accessible in all versions of AI from that

How can I use them

They are all by / Andrew Buckle. You have full extended license for their use. All can be used in commercial work, all can be used in personal work. You can use them to create logos. You can use them to create items for sale that can be used in turn to create new items for sale etc. You can use them to create books, comics, illustrations, videos, posters, web pages, scrap booking, t-shirts, postcards, surf boards, scrap booking purposes, fabrics, textiles, and much more. Any questions, please let us know. You can also use the items to sell material on sites such as and and many others in the same style.


How to use them with the creative cloud

There are many new features added to the creative cloud subscription, mainly Illustrator and Photoshop and Muse and After Effect updates with the October 2014 release. The key update probably has to be the new libraries feature (dynamic or CC libraries, I have seen different names used). The libraries gives a whole range of new creative options such as using resources quickly and easily across Photoshop and AI (and probably also different versions of AI in the future) as well as different OS (mac and PC) as well as different groups and different machines and more. You can save all kinds of resources to the library (see the window menu and libraries) and these presets are also on of those. You cannot save them directly, you drag from the presets panel to the library (nothing is ever that easy). You can, however, drag them from the panel to the document / artboard or artboards and then to the library panel. Once in there, you can re-use them at any point in the future. You can also combine multiple presets in thesame panel as well as sprayed items as well as items combined with text etc as well as other formats of the shapes. They all retain their format - if you want to use them as a standard path you will need to expand the item You can also use the presets with the curvature tool but only in combinations with the results of that new powerful tool in AI


Related items

You may find the dot fonts of interest and use, you can use them in PS and PSP and PS Elements as well as AI and others


Use with the dynamic status for the presets

The items included in the No. 52 set are not dynamic, they are all static but you can always convert them to the new CC 2015.1 format simply by opening the set and then dragging the items from the preset's panel to the artboard and then from that back into the preset's panel and then save them as a new dynamic artwork. Once they are in the new format, you can then use them as a master item and use any of the instances with different colors and fills and strokes and more.