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How to create random dots pattern in Illustrator tutorial

Learn how to create a random dots pattern in Illustrator CC 2017 2015 etc

Random dots pattern

random dot pattern creation in Illustrator

How to create a quick random dots pattern in Illustrator using the vector tools in the Illustrator toolbar and in particular, the blob tool

  1. Create an artboard for the random dots pattern (say 1000 x 1000)
  2. Select the blob brush tool in the Illustrator toolbar
  3. Double click the blob brush tool icon
  4. Set the keep selected to OFF and merge to OFF
  5. Set size to 90pt
  6. Set the brush size to random
  7. Set variation to 45pt
  8. Set stroke color (such as black) via the toolbar for the random sized dots
  9. Click anywhere across the artboard to fill with random dots to create your random dot pattern (make certain that you don't jerk the mouse as you click if you want to keep the blots as a dot
  10. Fill the entire document / artboard with dots
  11. If you want to fill the artboard with a random dots in different colors then you will have to just change the stroke color of the dot before you cick the document / artboard to add the new dot. You can also re-color the entire design by using tools such as the color guide or color adjustments in Illustrator

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