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How to create a shattered circle in Illustrator

How to create a quick shattered circle effect in Illustrator CC 2018 2017 2015 etc

Shattered circle in Illustrator

shattered circle in illustrator created tutorial
  1. Go to the polar grid tool

  2. Double click the polar grid tool icon to display the options

  3. Set concentric to 0

  4. Set radial to 14 and click OK

  5. Goto the live paint bucket in Illustrator toolbar (found beneath the shape builder tool)

  6. Change color of fill and click one of the slices

  7. Repeat with different colors for all the slices in the circle

  8. Expand button (on top bar)

  9. Object menu (and ungroup command) three times

  10. Select the slices and drag from the centre so they are away from the center of the circle at random distances


The result of the ungroup being a solid circle and a set of lines (not slices). To turn them into slices, use the live paint tool to fill all the slices with the same color or different colors and then move the slices to different positions. It does require a few additional ungroups to get at the slices or you could separate all the slices by using the isolation mode (double click the polar grid). On the right, you can see the pie slice applied by ungrouping and then dragging the individual paths to a different position


create shattered circle initial polar grid designcreate slices using live paint color ungroup shatter circle illustrator


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