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How to create random cuts in Illustrator paths tutorial

Random cuts into path

random cuts into the path

Learn how to create random cut marks in Illustrator paths in Illustrator CC 2017 2015 2014 CS6 etc

  1. Create a path such as rectangle in Illustrator

  2. Select the eraser tool in the Illustrator toolbar

  3. Double click the eraser tool, Go to the settings and set the angle to random and set to maximum 180 + set the size to random as well with 7pt and 7pt random and set roundness to 20%

  4. Click anywhere in the path multiple times to make different sized cuts into the Illustrator path

You should now be filled with something like a very hole filled path / design (obviously not exactly matching the one on the right). The cuts are at different angles and sizes. You can now see through the path to the background color.


You can now repeat the above with other paths and not just rectangles. If you want to create or make random cuts into some paths such as text and symbols you will need to expand the design and then make the random cuts into the path with the powerful eraser tool

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