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Mosaic effect in Illustrator using crop image tool tutorial

PPI and mosaic effect in Illustrator

mosaic and crop effect in Illustrator
  1. Click the crop image

  2. Set rectange for the crop

  3. You can set the PPI to 300 or 2 or 1 etc (set to 1 for a mosaic effect)

  4. Click apply

How to quickly create a mosaic effect in Illustrator can be achieved by using the crop image tool which was introduced into Illustrator with CC 2017. The mosaic effect can then be manipulated further by using the trace and other tools such as perhaps using the color adjust balance and the color guide tool to recolor the Illustrator mosaic design.


The key thing here is the PPI. You can create an interesting mosaic effect by using PPI to 1. OK, you could also create the mosaic effect in a raster application and then import the design into Illustrator (probably just as easy)


You can then use the image trace feature on the cropped image and use the color mode for the trace.

Crop the image using the PPI set to 1 and then use the image trace to create interesting abstract designs

cropped image and mosaic trace in Illustrator
  1. Select cropped image (after PPI set to 1)

  2. Click image trace

  3. Go to image trace panel

  4. Set mode to color

  5. Set colors to all or document library etc

  6. Change paths etc in the image trace panel

  7. Expand

  8. Ungroup

The image trace can be used with the 'mosaic' cropped image in Illustrator. You can use the color mode along with different colors and paths etc and then expand and ungroup and use the cropped paths as abstract designs. You can also use the result with the color guide to create interesting colorful artworks from the cropped images


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