Insect shapes for Photoshop / Elements

Updated: January 24th, 2015

insect shapes for Photoshop and elements cockroach beetle

USD 6.99 (Fastspring)

Insect custom shapes for Photoshop (#140) CSH

100 Insect / bug custom shapes for Photoshop CC CS5 CS6 CS2 CS3 CS1 CS4 Elements as well as standalone versions includes bugs, spider artworks, wasp custom shapes, cockroaches, flies, centipedes, beetles and more. Stunning creepy crawly custom shapes.


They are all stored in standard CSH - load via the palette and apply as shape layers, paths, selections, fills and more. The insect shapes are all vectors for any size of work.


Commercial (CU4CU) use - use the Insect Photoshop shapes in countless projects such as ceramics, mugs, posters, website creations and projects, logos, textiles, fashions, countryside, items for sale and much more.


PC and MAC use.


The shapes can be re-colored, modified, distorted, transformed, blended, exported for use with other applications, effects applied and much more. The insect shapes can be used once or multiple times in the same artwork as required.


On buying, you receive the download link from fastspring and the set includes the CSH along with documentation and a gallery and also a serial number for any future updates.

Insect shapes for Photoshop and Elements

Installation of Insect Photoshop shapes


butterfly and gradient fill

You can fill them (butterflies and wasps etc) with any color such as red, green etc but you can also fill them with gradients. You can also fill them with different colors for each parts as well as effects and more


The insect shapes are all in CSH and can be loaded via the custom shapes palette in Adobe PS - this is the case for all versions of Photoshop as well as PS Elements. Note that the custom shapes were introduced with version 6 and so do not work with earlier versions (#ersion 6, not CS6).


They can also be loaded via the open command on the PC Photoshop. In some versions of Adobe PS and others you can also load the insect shapes via the edit menu preset manager.


beetle large vector path in green

Many different beetle shape decorative graphics are included in the set - here is a front facing and terrifying shape for all kinds of work in Adobe PS and elements

wasp flying on a green background bee

A wasp shape for Adobe PS and PS Elements flying - pixel custom shape applied to a green background

butterfly shapes for Photoshop and elements two  vector shapes

Two butterfly shapes for Adobe PS and PS Elements, two butterflies on a blue background. They are both Vector graphics for any size of work and can be applied in any color (not just black)

Insect shapes in Adobe PS and how can I use them ?

You can use them for Adobe PS and PS Elements to create items for commercial as well as personal use, you can also use the insect custom shapes to create items that can be used in turn to create items for sale CU4CU. You can also use them to create logos, ceramics, brush strokes, adverts, packaging, videos, documents, items for sale on zazzle, catalogs, skateboards, tiles and much more. If you have any questions, please contact us on


cockroach in white on a purple background with legs

applied in white (the insects do not have to be just in black) and used on a purple background. The shape was applied via the custom shapes tool in the Photoshop toolbox.

colorful flies on a pink background

They can be applied in any color such as yellow, white, black etc

different sizes of silhouette spiders creatures

Spider shapes for Adobe PS and PS Elements can be applied multiple times and sizes, silhouettes and others are included in the set

How did you create the insect custom shapes for Photoshop ?

They were all created in Poser (from SmithMicro). The renders were all then copied into Illustrator and image traced to create Vector graphics. The insect shapes were then copied from Illustrator into PS and the shapes were then saved as a CSH presets.


spiders in different colors across green background

Add in any color such as blue and pink and red etc (they have been added to a green background)


centipede insect shapes for Photoshop and elements CC CS3 CS2 etc

The centipede / insect shapes for Adobe PS and PS Elements can be applied at any angle by using them as shape layers


You can find all our custom shapes for Adobe PS and PS Elements videos via the graphicxtras channel on youtube.


You can find out how to install the shapes, load them, add as layers and paths and fills, how to use with PS Styles, use to create frames, how to use visual effects, how to export the images to other applications and much more.


Any questions, please contact us on and I will try and create a video or two about the subject


additional paths can be added to the butterflies on red

They can be combined with other elements / paths in Adobe PS and elements to create millions of stunning unique graphics

long legs and flies vector paths and text combined

They can be combined with text in 100s of ways - the text is very basic above but you can always apply it to the insect path, or as a paste, overlay and much more

Insect file format / CSH

All stored are stored in CSH. The CSH was saved as Photoshop 6 format (for PC and MAC). If you make changes to the shapes and then decide to save them as a new shapes file CSH. The insect shapes can be used in all versions up from version 6 of Photoshop (which was released in 2000). You can use the insect shapes in Adobe PS CC as well as Photoshop CS6 Photoshop CS5 etc as well as the standard standalone versions of Photoshop.


overlay and transparency and flies and creatures on orange

They can be applied using opacity less than 100% creating multiple overlapping

large massive spiders and silhouette black and pink

Spiders etc - great for backgrounds and more

multiple spiders abstract background on orange

They can be applied over and over and over - multiple spiders