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100 Kid / girl shapes (female) for Photoshop CC & CS6 CS5 CS4 Elements 2014 2015 includes different poses, cartoons, walking, sketches, silhouettes, heads, rough and many more. They are in CSH format - on purchase, receive the download to the CSH format set as well as documentation and gallery and serial. Use also in PSP and Pages etc as the set includes the them in EPS as well. The child shapes can be re-colored, modified, exported, combined. Apply them via the Photoshop custom shapes tool (load via the open command or the shape palette) as well as the cookie cutter in PS Elements and also the shape blur filter in Adobe PS. PC and MAC. Commercial use, royalty free. Use to create items for sale such as posters, napkins, prints, planners, note books, postage, pencils, masks, T-shirts, magazines and more Free artwork to download and use in your projects

Kid / Child shapes for Photoshop and Elements


How can I use them ????

You can use them to create commercial as well as personal work, you can also use them to create items that can be used in turn to create items for sale. You can use them to create logos, books, illustrations, adverts, surreal, packaging, posters, web pages, hats, t-shirts, leaflets, mugs, shoes, cards, wrapping paper, wall paper, videos and much more. If you have any questions, please contact us - always happy to answer any questions about them. All the items were created by this site,



How to open the CSH ???

Once you have purchased the set, you receive a download link to a selection of different files. One of these files being a CSH presets set and this is the file set used by PS and PS Elements. With Adobe PS, the CSH presets can be opened in a number of ways - on the PC the file can even be opened as a normal file. You can also access the CSH presets via any folder, you don't need to add the file to a particular folder. If you are using PS Elements, it is best to place the CSH presets in the presets folder . Once you have loaded the file, you can then use the vectors throughout the application. They appear in the presets palette. They can be selected via this palette and they can be applied as a shape layer and path and fill pixels - each of these options have their particular uses. If you want to see a lot of potential uses, please check out our videos section



How did you create them ?

All are renders in 3D via Poser (Smith Micro Application). They were exported in PNG and then re-opened in Adobe Illustrator and image trace was used to turn them into vectors (be great if Poser exported vector graphics - not holding my breath on that one) combined with a little more manipulation using tools such as the powerful VectorScribe plugin set from Astute Graphics and they were then copied into PS and the child vectors were saved to the presets palette and that was in turn saved as a new CSH file.



Video tutorials - how can I find out more???

You can find all our video tutorials on the vectors via the graphicxtras channel on as well as a large selection on the site and a selection on Vimeo. You can find out how to load them, how to work with them as layers and paths and fills, how to use with fills and strokes, how to transform the poses, how to rotate, how to scale them, how to warp, how to use with blending modes, how to use them as a source for brushes and patterns, how to copy them to Affinity Photo, how to use them as a cookie cutter, how to use with quick masks, how to turn into a smart object and much more. Any questions, please contact us



How to add color to them ???

You can use them as is. How you color them depends on the actual type you use as you can use the girl vectors in three different ways : layers, paths, fills. If you use them as a layer then you can add color via the fill / stroke properties at the top of the Photoshop screen. You can also add layer effects such as color overlays as well as pattern overlays and gradients. You can also convert the item into a smart object and add other objects to the item as well as effects (camera raw filter etc) and also smart adjustments such as black and white filter or channel mixer or hue / saturation etc. If you use them as paths they have no colors but paths can be quickly converted into a selection (via the path palette) and that selection can be filled with additional vectors / brushes / patterns / multiple gradients and more. If you use them as a selection then you can set the color of the asset via the foreground. You can then add color to the fill by using other paths as well as adding adjustments and filters.




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