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-- Updated -- : July 1st, 2016

More amazing resources for Photoshop / Illustrator / PSP / Indesign / Affinity Photo as well as tutorials

Artist: Andrew Buckle

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Tutorials for Photoshop and Illustrator etc

Swirls / flourishes fonts for most applications

swirls / flourishes for Photoshop

stars for Photoshop / elements

Rose petal fonts / eps shapes for all apps

Radial brushes for Photoshop etc

Zoom symbols for Illustrator etc

Photoshop shapes

Photoshop gradients

PaintShop Pro Shapes

Photoshop displacements

Photoshop brushes

Photoshop plugins for the PC

Photoshop styles

Painter Nozzles

Illustrator swatches

Fonts and eps designs for all apps

Flash symbols

Fireworks symbols

Andrew's Plugins collection - 180 PC plugins

Illustrator styles

Perspective grid plugin for Illustrator

Andrew's Plugins Innovations

Illustrator brushes

Illustrator plugins

Contour swatches for Illustrator

Cross symbols for Illustrator

Diamond symbols for Illustrator

Contour symbols for Illustrator

Grid symbols for Illustrator

Photoshop patterns

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Zigzag plugin for Illustrator

intricate lace very fine design for brushes for Photoshop and elements fractal bitty design and with a green background

lace brushes for Photoshop and elements intricate and symmetry and black and white background with very fine lines with noise added

Above, an intricate lace brush for Photoshop as a semi circle with the top cropped. The colors for the artwork have been reduced to 2 (black and white) to keep the file size down. The artwork has many different patterns as well as a very dark fractal edge