create radial speed lines in krita tutorial

radial speed lines krita
  1. Start Krita

  2. Create new document

  3. Go to the toolbar and select the assistant tool

  4. Go to the tool options and select 'vanishing point'

  5. Click on document for origin of speed lines in Krita

  6. Go to the freehand brush in Krita

  7. Go to the brush presets panel

  8. Select one of the sketch brushes such as pencil 2B

  9. Set the color to white or black depending on the background color

  10. Go to the tool options and set the assistant to ON

  11. Apply brush strokes outwards from the center at different positions and distance from the origin of the radial speed lines


You can create infinite numbers of radial speed lines in Krita using the above approach and they can all vary just by applying the brush strokes (I used a pencil but you could easily just use an ink pen to draw the lines. You can vary the pressure of the brush stroke to create more intense pencil or ink marks for your radial speed lines. You can vary the start point from the origin point for your radial speed lines. You can vary the distance you create the line to as well as the angle start point as well as the density of the radial speed lines in Krita. All kinds of factors can be combined to create many different combinations of radial speed lines,. You can apply the radial speed lines to different color backgrounds. You can vary the color of the radial speed lines as well as the brush size and much more in Krita. The radial speed lines can also be used on a layer and the layers can have effects applied or duplicated and combined with other elements such as a person racing away from the center of the radial speed lines. Anyway, literally all kinds of radial speed lines can be generated in seconds.


Radial speed lines start point

You can set the origin of the radial speed lines at the center of the Krita document but you don't have to start drawing from there. You can choose all kinds of start positions. You can add draw the lines a good distance from the origin point and the radial speed lines will still be a straight line as long as the assistant setting is on for the brush (if it is not ON then goto the tool options and set it to ON otherwise the line will start to go everywhere - you will also need to set the value to the maximum as if the value for the assistant is set to a low value then the radial speed lines will still be going all ovet the place). You can also delete the assistant by re-selecting the assistant tool in the toolbar and then going to the little delete sign on the origin point for the 'vanishing point' (it is the far right option). You can always work with two or more vanishing points but personally, I prefer to delete the first one and then create a new one in a different origin point. As mentioned, you can also work on layers so the origin point can always be moved anyway.

Manga comics and speed lines

There are zillions of art books on Manga artwork and how to draw speed lines etc and you can, of course, find millions of examples in 1000s and 1000s of Manga books available from book shops and comic shops as well as online.

Video tutorial on the radial speed lines

Basic tutorial showing the points in the tutorial about the radial speed lines in Krita

Other tools

You can find other tools with speed lines etc tools such as Clip Studio Paint which is a wonderful application and well worth checking out from Smith Micro

Other resources

1. Zoom fonts for manga etc

Sources and references

1. Effect lines on Wikipedia