Letter / type / text / character Brushes for Photoshop and elements and psp and Affinity Photo

letter brushes for Photoshop and elements and psp x diagonal cross mark with a shadow on a blue background in black hanging in space

Works with: Photoshop, Elements, Pages, Affinity Photo, Illustrator, Indesign, PaintShop Pro etc

Format: PNG

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free

Free samplers

Letter brushes for Photoshop gallery (Volume 197) 50 Letter brushes "X" type themed strokes for Adobe ® Photoshop ® CC 2015 CS6 Elements PSP GIMP etc (the set is supplied in royalty free PNG format). Set includes scratchy, distorted strokes, shadows, basic, multiple elements, weird word art and many more.


All are are 300 DPI and approx 1200 x 1200 (if not more). They are in PNG and the set includes a selection of actions to convert them quickly to ABR etc format. They can be converted to other formats such as JPG and TIFF as well as used as layers and exported to other applications. They are unique and can be combined in millions of ways to create even more amazing and unique graphics for your projects.


Commercial (CU4CU) use as well as personal use. All are by graphicxtras.com. Use them to create items for sale such as books, logos, illustrations, web pages, adverts, videos, mugs, posters, scrap booking and many more. On buying the letter / type brushes set, you receive the download link to the strokes as well as the documentation, as well as gallery and serial number.

letter brushes for Photoshop screenshot with toolbar and stroke tool

Photoshop letter brushes gallery (Volume 43) 30 'X' Strokes for PS and PS Elements as well as PSP and others. PNG & ABR format.

Letter brushes gallery (Volume 149) 100 'W' Type strokes for Adobe ® Photoshop CC 2 2015 CS6-6 as well as PS Elements 14 13.0-1.0 and PSP and Photo-Paint and Affinity Designer and Affinity Photo and many other applications. The set includes many different presets such as jazzy themed, solid, warped, sharp edged, world wide web characters, rounded, distorted and many more. PNG format.

Check out presets in set (Volume 128) 100 'Y' Characters for Adobe ® Photoshop, psp etc includes such as divider presets, edges, distorted strokes, outlines, connected strokes and more. You receive the set in a zip file and this contains the strokes in PNG (along with the same in ABR) along with documentation and gallery and serial