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Letter Shapes for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 royalty free type and text / character / alphabet

letter shapes for Photoshop and elements H Letter and type and alphabetical custom shapes are for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 etc and Photoshop elements. The letter / type / alphabet custom shapes can be used via the custom shapes tool in the Photoshop toolbar. The type / letter characters can be used with the cookie cutter tool in Photoshop elements. The type characters include many different variants of letters such as H and also X and Y and C and other characters. The letter type custom shapes are vectors for any size of work. You can use the letter custom shapes in any color. You can use them as a layers and as fills and as paths. The letter artworks are all for commercial use, all are royalty free, all are by graphicxtras.com. The letter and type shapes can be combined, warped, distorted, blended, used with styles, used as a great resource for brushes and patterns and more. See all the letter and type shapes included in the sets via the gallery links and see more examples of the letter / type / alphabetical vector custom shapes (in CSH format) below. Each set includes many different and unique designs


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H Letter themed custom shapes

100 'H' Themed letter shapes / type artworks CSH / EPS and includes a large selection of H themed designs, outline letter shapes, weird H letter shapes, unusual H letter custom shapes and many more. You can combine them with other artworks in seconds to create millions of unique designs, all are for commercial use, all totally royalty free from this site. Letter / type custom shapes for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements gallery (Volume 155)

Buy Price: $7

C Letter themed custom shapes

160 'C' artworks CSH includes many different C themed letter shapes, curved designs "C" Letter Shapes gallery (Volume 92)

Buy Price: $7

General letter custom shapes

623 Vector designs CSH includes a mix of characters A B C D E F G etc in a variety of styles Photoshop letter shapes gallery (Volume 83)

Buy Price: $7

X Letter custom shapes

400 X Vector designs CSH format. includes many unique X cross designs "X" Character shapes gallery (Volume 79)

Buy Price: $7

Y Letter custom shapes

100 'Y' Photoshop shapes CSH includes many unique Y letter shapes in a variety of vector styles "Y" Letter designs gallery (Volume 125)

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Type character designs

The vector letter shapes artwork can be combined, duplicated, re-colored, blended, used as a source for patterns and brushes, used as letter themed masks with layers, aligned, warped and typographically distorted, exported, saved, sent to libraries, used as shadows, used with styles, filled with spots, filled with gel, used with gradients, faded with masks, flipped and transformed, sheared, cut and sliced, used super large and super small letters, used as a frame, used with other artworks, used with opacity and transparency, smeared, used in difference mode, used with adjustment layers, black and white, typographically distressed, used as a fill, used as a source for amazing selections, use the letter custom shapes 1000s of times, used once, used to create letters, used for ransom demands, used in video timelines and saved as a movie, smart object, collect the letter shapes into multiple smart objects, used with smart filters, blur the letter custom shapes in shape blurs, turned into oil paintings via oil paint filter and a whole lot more - a powerful character filled set of designs all created by this site for all kinds of uses in all kinds of super projects. All are in standard CSH format for ease of use in all versions of Photoshop and elements (unless you are using the Photoshop 1, I guess) as well as exported to other parts of the creative cloud via CC libraries or a simple copy and paste


letter custom shapes photoshop letter custom shapes photoshop letter custom shapes photoshop


Related sets

You can find many related letter sets on the site such as letter fonts and EPS typographical designs for Microsoft Word, Indesign, Pages, CorelDRAW etc and brush strokes photo letters brushes and historical designs as well as letter brushes and type designs along with letter and character seamless tile patterns There are also many additional letter themed shapes such as vintage type and historical design custom shapes along with vintage type letter fonts and historical antique characters vector artworks and vintage type / letter brushes for PSP, Pages, Indesign, CorelDRAW, Photoshop etc


You can re-color the letter custom shapes in numerous ways such as adding gradients and color fills as well as truchet / waved patterns etc They also can be used as a great source for all kinds of brushes and patterns as well as using them as an image layer etc. You can use them as a great source for smart objects to combine them with effects and layer styles to create truly stunning art objects for your work.


Many different letter themed designs are included in the sets. On purchase, you receive the letter shapes CSH designs along with gallery and serial and notes.



You can find many different tutorials on the site as well as free shapes to tryout the designs (check out our freebie sections via the search) such as

1) How to install the custom shapes into Photoshop and elements


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