License / Terms of Use for graphicxtras.com resources


Updated: August 24th, 2015


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1) Use to create items for sale, logos (though you should modify them to create your own unique artwork if you wish to use as a logo), leaflets, books, ceramics, adverts, packaging, videos, website creations and projects, artworks, skateboards, caps, templates, note book covers, bottles, fashions, CDs, DVD covers, magazines, mugs, posters, and much more - all for commercial (CU4CU) or personal use list of possible uses

2) No time constraints or country constraints

3) No credit required

4) Any products you create with items -- you have the copyright

5) Originals are still copyright of Abneil Software Ltd / Graphicxtras / Andrew Buckle

6) royalty free

7) You can use them in your projects to create items that can be sold via your own website and beyond.


Please do not re-distribute. They are for use on multiple PCs and MACs by a single user. Please do not use to create artwork aimed at being offensive. Please make a backup of any item purchased.