License / Terms of Use for resources

License agreement

1. Use to create items for sale, logos (though you should modify them to create your own unique artwork if you wish to use as a logo), leaflets, books, ceramics, adverts, packaging, videos, website creations and projects, artworks, skateboards, textiles, fabrics, shoes, caps, templates, note book covers, bottles, fashions, CDs, DVD covers, magazines, mugs, posters, and much more - all for commercial (CU4CU) or personal use


2. No time constraints or country constraints


3. No credit required


4. With any item / artwork you produce, you have the copyright


5. The source / original artworks included are still copyright of Graphicxtras / Andrew Buckle


6. Royalty free


7. You can use them in your projects to create items that can be sold via your own website and beyond.


Please do not re-distribute. They are for use on multiple PCs and MACs by a single user. Please do not use to create artwork aimed at being offensive. Please make a backup of any item purchased.


All the products on are for commercial (CU4CU) and hobby projects (such as items for sale). Items are non-exclusive. You are entitled to use the item for unlimited time. No credit is required either. All are by (Andrew Buckle). The list is infinite, here are a few of the possible uses


LOGOs - you cannot use the item straight as a logo but use part of the design as a logo or modify in some way to create an unique design (remember, all the products are non-exclusive and you don't want to just use the item as the same as another company)


Fashions - YES

T-shirts - YES

Templates - YES

Fabrics - YES

Shirts - YES

Merchandise - YES

Pants - YES

Clear stamps - YES

Ties - YES

Mugs - YES

Contests - YES (though use only as part of a contest)

Surf boards - YES

Skate boards - YES

Pillows - YES

Baby Apparel - YES

Bumper Stickers - YES

Socks - YES

Tattoos - YES

Packages and packaging - YES

Books - YES

CD covers - YES

Leaflets - YES

web sites - YES

Magazines YES

Comics - YES

Kit products - YES

Cushions - YES

Rubber stamps - YES

Video productions - YES

Films - YES


EBooks - YES

Kits - YES

Movies - YES

Greeting card - YES

Tiles and tiling - YES

Advertising - YES

Plates - YES

Photos - YES

Posters - YES

Stickers - YES

Multimedia - YES

Prints - YES

Posters - YES

Logos but with addition of variation / creativity to make it your own artwork (i.e as part of the work) - YES


Registered Trademarked logo without modification / creativity - NO

Re-sell items without modification / creativity - NO

Print on demand - NO (without some actual creativity added)


You can find many of our products on this site such as rhombus custom shapes and flowing line textures brushes and color cut brushes and polygon fonts and radial brushes


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