Lines / Linear Brushes for Photoshop

Updated: March 10th, 2015

extreme lines brushes for Photoshop and elements and mixed line width

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Extreme Line brushes for Adobe PS and others (#178)

70 Extreme line brushes for Photoshop CS1 CC CS2 CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 Elements PSP Painter GIMP Xara Word etc includes basic, thin, warped brushes, crackled brushes and distorted extreme graphics, expressive line brushes and many more. PC and MAC as well as Linux and Android and iOS and other platforms. The set includes all in PNG along with a selection of Photoshop actions to add them to the Photoshop brushes palette (or they can be manually added). The PNG images can be used as layers and pattern sources as well as backgrounds and shapes and brushes in many different applications. Access via the open or file import commands. Apply in countless ways. All by Andrew Buckle /

Commercial use, royalty free

On purchase, receive brushes + gallery + serial + actions + notes

PNG images

lines and pipe themed pattern and elements

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Line Pipe brushes for Photoshop (#32)

150 Line / pipe brushes for Photoshop CC & CS 6 5 4 3 2 1 PSP GIMP etc 300 DPI mixed sizes. You can use the line / pipe brush strokes to create items for sale, books, blogs, video tutorials, logos, packaging, adverts, fashions, textiles, ceramics and more. The set includes many different pipe / lines such as tracks, joined line brushes, inverted brushes, circular pipe brushes, alien brushes and more. PC and MAC. The pipe lines can be combined in countless ways, used as smart objects with smart filters, used as sources for stunning patterns, for use as displacements and textures, used for backgrounds, used in combo with live effects and much more.


Commercial use, royalty free

On purchase, receive brushes + gallery + notes + serial + actions

lines  brushes for Photoshop and elements and curved

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Line brushes for Photoshop (#1)

100 Stunning line brushes including wavy brushes, perspective lines, chunky line brushes and more in ABR. Photoshop and elements only. Commercial use, all royalty free.

lines parallel brushes for Photoshop and elements on green

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Line brushes for Photoshop (#168)

100 Stunning line brushes including embossed, perspective, fading and many more in ABR as well as PNG - all for commercial (CU4CU) use. The line brushes for Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, Fireworks, Painter and many others. You can also use the line brushes as a source for truly amazing patterns as well as just use them as layers. The brushes are all by Andrew Buckle and can be used to create logos, book covers and interiors, illustrations, backgrounds, skateboard, scrap booking, used to create items for sale on zazzle and as well as many other sites.

Line brushes for Photoshop and Elements and PSP etc

extreme line brushes for Photoshop applied in black against a white background - distorted


The line brushes can be used as is - The above is applied via the Photoshop brush tool (in the toolbox) in black against a white background

red black line brushes - multiple brushes in different colors in Photoshop to a white background


The line brushes for Photoshop (as well as psp etc) can be used in any color such as red and black etc applied to a white background

Video showing the brushes in pack 178

Video showing the PNG brushes included in the extreme line brushes / PNG set (pack 178). They can be combined in millions of ways as well as exported or used with effects etc. The video shows them as is and not combined with any other effect or path. The extreme line brushes set includes a wide range of different lines such as beautiful strokes, thin, distorted, extreme, intense and close line brushes and many more. You can also find many more of our videos about the brushes via the graphicxtras channel on - such as how to load the brushes, how to distort, how to combine the Photoshop brushes, how to export the brushes to other applications and more. If you have any questions about the Photoshop line brushes, please contact us and I will try and create a few videos on the subject graphicxtras video channel on / Video showing the extreme line brushes in pack 178


line brushes can be used on layers and duplicated and transformed and styles applied


The line brushes can be used with layers as well as PS Styles, those layers can be duplicated (as above) and the image can then be blended with the background - metallic line brushes (as well as plastic line brushes etc depending on the style applied)

red line brushes on a PS layer and a style shadow applied to the


The line Photoshop brushes (The above is a single brush stroke) can be used on a layer and you can then add a shadow or glow etc to the lines

How to load the brushes in Adobe PS ? ABR

If using the ABRs then double click the ABRes file and that loads the line brushes into Photoshop (unless the file association has been changed to perhaps something like word.. which I know sounds odd but I have had quite a few e-mails where ABRs are associated with word and I have no idea why). You can also right click the line brushes ABR and select the open option such as open using Photoshop. You can also place the ABR line brushes file into the presets folder 'brushes' and then access the brushes via the brush palette right side menu by name. You can also load the brushes via the replace / load commands on the same menu. You can also load the brushes via the edit menu preset manager by selecting the brushes option.


line brushes used on different RGB channels and then blurred using motion blur


They can be used with the RGB channels in Adobe PS - The above used the red channel, green channel etc separately and then motion blurred the end line brush result

blood rain line brushes  applied in red and white and black


Many different line brushes are included in the sets for Photoshop (the line brushes v1 is for ABR Photoshop and elements only - until the day PSP fully supports ABRes that is). The line brushes have been used in white and black on a red background

Line brushes & image modes in Adobe PS and others and channels

The line brushes can be used in basic RGB mode, they can also be used in CMYK image mode as well as the gray color mode and LAB mode and others, you can also use the line brushes in 8bit / 16bit / 32bit modes for those image modes, the line brushes can then be used to create truly amazing color effects. The line brushes can also be used in different separate channels such as red channel and green blue (as well as cyan, magenta etc) channel etc


line blend brushes - a single brush stroke in white on a red background with faded sides


A line brush (in white) applied to a red background with the lines fading away from the center in Adobe PS

line brushes effects - camera raw filter has been applied to the ends and curve image adjustment in Photoshop


The line brushes in Adobe PS can be used as is but you can also modify the color using image adjustments or adjustment layers such as curves and you can then combine this with Photoshop filters such as camera raw filter to vignette or darken the sides. A single brush stroke

random line brushes in different colors black and white applied to red background followed by oil paint filter in Photoshop


One of the line brushes has been applied randomly across the image in Adobe PS in black and white on a red background and then the oil paint filter has been used to smear the painted random rough lines. You can apply any effects to the lines to create ever more unique brush strokes. You can also use a line brush and distort that or tweak it with filters and then save that as a new Photoshop brush and apply again and again

What can I do with the brushes in Adobe PS and others ?

The line brushes can be used to create commercial as well as personal items, you can use the brushes to create new brushes that can be used in turn to create new items for sale CU4CU. They can be used to create logos, books, documentation, textiles, cards, videos, packaging, cards, posters, skateboards, leaflets, web pages and much more.


pencil strokes line brushes - a couple of applications of the brush stroke and color tweaked in camera raw


The line brushes for Photoshop can be used as is, just apply and then stop but you can also use the pencil brush strokes lines and apply color effect image adjustments to them (such as color lookup and blue tone) and then follow that with a camera raw filter to modify the edge of the brushes

line brushes pencil strokes in white modified by the iris blur in Photoshop and light bokeh effect


Added in white - a single brush stroke - in Adobe PS can be modified by blur gallery effects such as the iris blur and the light bokeh effects

line brushes in red applied to a white background can be distorted by Photoshop filters such as wave filter


They can be modified and distorted by a variety of tools in Adobe PS and psp such as the wave filter. Red line brushes on a white background.


To find out more about brushes, a useful source of information has to be the Photoshop site as well as Corel PaintShop Pro brushes The information on the sites is not about line brushes though but brushes in general and how they fit in with the application and many potential uses.


perspective line brushes  in green on white background, line shrinking to the edge


Many different line brushes for Photoshop and psp are in the sets such as the perspective line brush above applied in green and to a white background, the lines getting smaller to the edges

Line brushes as layers

Using the line brushes as layers by using the place command in Adobe Photoshop, you can combine multiple line brushes layers as well as duplicate the same line brush layers to create 1000s of unique graphics. As layers, the line brushes can be used as powerful smart objects in Adobe Photoshop and can be transformed, modified and more and combined with smart filters (which can be removed or changed at any point in the creative process). The line brushes layers can also be combined with Photoshop layer styles to add drop shadows and bevels to the line brushes (you can also turn the line brushes into metal effects and plastic effects and gels and millions of other styles). The line brushes can also be used with Adobe PS layer comps where the position and the opacity as well as the layer effects can be manipulated at a click of the comp palette.


shadow line brushes - pink line brush and a black brush below to add a shadow


Quick and easy way to add a shadow to the line brush stroke (this is all a single brush stroke) pink on top and black below as the shadow. The line brush is a creased stroke for Photoshop and psp

line brushes for Photoshop applied in pink to a white background with dot elements added via shapes tool


The line brushes for Photoshop and psp can be used with other elements in the application such as dot shapes applied via the custom shape tool - the lines are in pink and the dots in black on a white background

What do I get with the brushes ?

On buying the line brushes for Photoshop / elements etc you receive the link to the ZIP and the ZIP includes the brushes in ABR and / or PNG along with brushes notes and thumbnail line gallery of all the line brush strokes as well as a serial text file for any resource update of the line brushes. You should be able to expand the line brushes ZIP without any added software but if you do need some software to expand the file, stuffit expander is a good application to use which can be found on the Smith Micro website


line brushes patterns  - a red line brush defined as a pattern and used with fill content and duplicated


A red line brush has been defined as a pattern (using the line brush on a Photoshop layer for transparency) and then the lines are applied via the layer new fill content and that layer has been duplicated to fill the entire image with line brushes. The line brushes can also be an excellent resource for displacement maps and scripted features in Adobe PS

Saving the line brushes

You can also modify the line brushes by add other images and visual effects; perhaps erasing parts of the brush or adding to the brush stroke and then you can re-save the brushes via the edit menu define brush command. Once you have added to the Adobe Photoshop brushes palette, you can also save the line brushes to a new ABR. The ABR will be in the current format (such as Adobe ® Photoshop CC) and this file format may not be readable in earlier versions of Photoshop or elements.


line brushes etc combined red blue and green and yellow in a single layer


You can use the line brushes on their own in Adobe PS or combine with other brush strokes in different colors to create millions of stunning unique graphics

How to load the brushes in Corel PSP etc?

The line brushes (if the PNG images are included - this varies from set to set) PNG images need to be opened via the open command in Corel PaintShop Pro and then select the brush tools and display the brushes palette, you will find the commands to save the current line brush selection as a custom brush. If you are using Corel ® Painter, load the files and then use the brush controls and capture dab to use the line brush with one of the Painter brushes.


line brushes and image adjustments - the color  can be changed using curves adjustment in Photoshop etc


Weird color effects added to the linear artwork