Mice and Mouse brushes for Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, Affinity Photo etc

Exciting mice and mouse brushes and images for use in Photoshop, PSP, Affinity Photo and others PC and MAC

mice brushes for Photoshop and elements and psp

Mice and mouse brushes for Photoshop, psp, GIMP, Affinity Photo gallery (207) 100 Mice brushes in a variety of styles such as sketched mice brush, double mice brush, intense mouse brush and many different poses. The mice and mouse brushes can be combined in multiple ways with themselves as well as many other brushes sets for use in Photoshop, psp, Indesign, Pages, CorelDRAW, Painter and others for the pc and mac.


The mice / mouse brushes can be re-colored using a variety of tools such as custom shapes as well as brushes such as using the mist brushes / smoke brush strokes tools as well as using colorful pattern artworks such as the line and outline patterns and seamless tiles for Photoshop, psp, Painter etc You can use them with all the tools in Photoshop etc and you can find out more about that via our tutorial about the Photoshop brushes tools such as pattern stamp, clone brush and more as well as how to use the brush strokes (such as mice brushes) with the Photoshop brush tools and the color channels and separate color channels use You can also find many freebie brushes and tryouts throughout the site. All the mice brushes are for use in your commercial as well as personal projects and all are royalty free, all renders and conversions and are by this site. See all the mice brushes included in the set via the gallery link above and the brushes can be added to all kinds of backgrounds and backdrops and can be modified in millions of ways using Photoshop effects as well as third party plugins such as the google Analog Efex Pro 2

mice brushes for Photoshop and elements different view of mouse brush sketchy mice brush dark and intense mouse mice brush multiple mice brushes looking at you mouse brush