Number Brushes / patterns for Photoshop, PSP, CorelDRAW inc. characters, numerical

number brushes / patterns and zero image with dots added to numbers in Photoshop and elements and psp curved designs in black on a pink backdrop

Number brushes and patterns for Photoshop, PSP, CorelDRAW, Pages, Painter, Indesign, GIMP etc (Volume 219) 100 Number brushes / patterns / image files PNG format


You can find a number of related sets such as binary code brushes as well as letter patterns as well as photo letter brushes and letter shapes


You can also re-color the number brushes / patterns by using tools such as color cuts brushes and color grids brushes and shapes and color squares


You can find many tutorials on the brushes such as how to make new Photoshop brushes as well as tutorials on Photoshop features such as how to create a color LUT in Photoshop (which can also be used with the number brushes via the color lookup feature)

number brushes for Photoshop shadow number brushes paint and shadow number brushes paint and shadow number brushes for Photoshop and affinity photo