Ornament Custom Shapes for Photoshop and Elements inc decorations, tiles, frames etc

ornament shapes for Photoshop and elements

Works with: Photoshop, Elements

Format: CSH

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free, worldwide, multiple usage, no time limits, use in print and web and video and more

Ornament shapes for Photoshop gallery (#191)


100 Ornament shapes for Adobe ® Photoshop ® CC 2015 CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 (Adobe ® Photoshop ® 16-6) and PS Elements 14 13.0 to 1.0.


PC (Windows 10 / 8 / 7 etc) and MAC OSX


Set includes rounded, curved, rectangular, tiles, curved, crescent and more.


Mixed vector graphics for any size of work.


Commercial (CU4CU) use. All are by Andrew Buckle / graphicxtras.com. You can use them to create all kinds of works such as logos, books, covers, cards, adverts, packaging, scrap booking and more.


All stored in CSH and can be accessed via the vector CSH tool and the cookie cutter tool or shape blur filter. They are all vectors for any size of work and can be used to create large as well as small work.


The ornament shapes can be re-colored, modified, warped, distorted, blended, combined and more.


The shapes can also be used as a great source for Adobe ® Photoshop brushes and patterns. The vectors can be applied in multiple ways and can be used as a source for brushes and patterns etc. You can also export them to other applications so the same items can then be used in a whole host of other apps (you do need Adobe ® Photoshop ® though to do this task)


On buying the set, you receive the download link to the shapes and this also includes documentation and gallery and serial number for any update of the set.

ornament shapes for Photoshop and elements curved


Photoshop ornament shapes

How to open them

They are in CSH format. You can only use them in PS and PS Elements, so no point in trying to open them in PSP or any other graphic app. Anyway, you can double click the CSH file and that should load them in the current version of PS - that does depend on the file associations otherwise you might find another app opening or on a windows machine, attempts to open the file as a windows custom shell script (not actually sure what that even is). If you can't load them that way, you can also right click the CSH file and select the open or open with command and then select PS or PS elements from the list. You can also place the CSH file into the presets 'custom shapes' folder which can be found as a sub folder of Adobe ® Photoshop ® or PS Elements. If using PS, you can also load them via the presets panel load and replace commands which enables you to place the CSH files in any location and browse for them (that is what I have set up on my machine as I have a few versions of PS and PS Elements). You can also load them via the edit menu preset manager command



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Video tutorials - how to find out more

You can find all our video tutorials on the graphicxtras channel on Youtube.com as well as on Tipdesk.com and also vimeo.com and other sites. You can find out how to install the CSH files, how to load them, edit them, how to edit the layers, how to use them in Illustrator, how to use them as cookie cutters, how to use them as a great source for patterns and brushes etc. If you have any questions, please let us know



What can I do with them

You can use them in commercial use, use them in personal work, you can use them to create new items that can be sold on, you can use them to create items for sites such as Zazzle.com as well as Cafepress.com etc. You can use them to create logos though please be aware that they are non exclusive. You can use them to create book covers, web pages, videos, packaging, adverts, hats, garments, textiles, fabrics, mouse mats, leaflets and much more. Any questions, please let us know