Oval Shapes / Fonts / EPS vector designs for Photoshop, psp etc inc. curved, ellipses

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oval font shapes for psp, word etc

Price: £3.49 approx. $5 / 4.42EU

Artist: Andrew Buckle

Compatible software: Photoshop, Elements, Affinity Photo, Painter, Indesign, GIMP etc

Format: TTF, EPS

License: Extended Commercial

FREE: FREE samplers *

Oval font shapes gallery (#201)


100 Oval shapes / Graphic designs for CorelDRAW, Microsoft Word, Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, PSP , Apple Pages, Xara, Photoshop etc.


The set include atomic, tribal, tattoo oval shapes, molecular, retro, weird, windmill, thin line and many more.


All the supplied artwork is in in a TTF truetype format single file along with the same 100 amazing artworks in standard EPS format - why have both, well some like to use the artworks in a font / type approach and others just like it easy to load via the place or open command, you can decide


Easy to load and install and use. Access all the paths via the keyboard or use the EPS via the open command of many different applications.


PC and MAC OS X.


The oval fonts shapes can be re-colored, modified, distorted, combined, transformed and much more.


Commercial (CU4CU) use and can be used to create items for sale such as books, logos, skateboards, posters, coasters. mugs, hats, textiles and much more.


On buying the oval shapes set, you receive the download link to the set as well as documentation and a gallery of all the items included in the set as well as a serial number for any future updates

Oval shapes gallery (#200)


100 Oval shapes / Artworks set includes tiles, shadow, perspective, joined, curved, basic, embossed and many more in truetype TTF and EPS format.


The set can be used in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Apple Pages, PS Elements, Microsoft Word, Ray Dream, Xpress, and many other applications. 100 Stunning vectors for PC and MAC as well as LINUX and Android and iOS and other platforms - virtually all applications can use the vector graphics.


Combine the them re-color, modify, warp, blend, export, use visual effects and much more. They can be used as a great source for brushes and patterns and displacements and much more. If you have any questions about the set, please contact us.


On buying the set, you receive the EPS decorative graphics as well as the TTF along with the documentation and serial number and a gallery.

oval shapes font designs for word, psp, indesign


Oval fonts / shapes for CorelDRAW, Microsoft Word, PSP etc

How to install them on the PC or mac

On the PC, simply drag the TTF over into the control panel. You can also right click the TTF and select the viewer app (or just open if it is the only app there) and then use the install button to add the set to your system. You will have to enter your admin details to install it. In previous versions of Windows, use the add / install command to add the set On the mac OS X, open the FB app and this can be done by right clicking the TTF set but be careful as the open command might be registered to another application so the open with option is more useful. The app will then offer the option to install the set. You can also open the FB app (found in the applications folder) and then just drag the TTF files into the app and they will then be installed in the current preferred location (set in preferences - computer or user)


Video tutorials

EPS files and placing the oval shapes in Photoshop


Placing EPS files in Affinity Photo and changing colour and adding effects


Related items

You may find the circle fonts of interest and use, you can use them in PSP and Pages and many others



How to use them as a smart object

If you are using Photoshop, you can turn any of the items in the sets into a smart object. Either select one or more of the vector artworks and then go to the layer menu and select the smart objects menu and convert. Once the characters have been converted, you can then easily apply styles as well as smart filters etc as well as adjustment layers to the smart object. You can also combine multiple smart objects into a single smart object. At all points, it is still editable so all the graphics can be still edited and changed from say a squeezed item or distorted item or outline then you can. You can also turn the smart object into a new smart object which can then have another different set of smart filters (again, all editable) as well styles and adjustments. You can duplicate the smart objects. You can also use those smart objects in the video timeline of PS. Obviously if you are using another app then the smart objects are not available but it is possible that app has an equivalent feature



How to use them as frames

One really useful feature of these sets is that they make an excellent source for frames. You can use any of them and add over the top of an image or other artwork and highlight a particular part of the image. You can also take multiple copies of any of the characters or perhaps multiple characters and place them in a square or circular etc frame around a particular part of an image. You can also use the artworks included in the set and convert those into selections and the outside region of the selection can be filled with black or another color to frame part or all of an image. All the graphics are vectors so if the image is 2000 x 2000 or 10000 x 10000, you can still use the type / characters as a frame.



How to install the EPS section of the set

The EPS (included in the set) do not require a particular folder for installation and those files can be loaded via the open command (for many applications such as Illustrator etc) as well as the place command (Photoshop) and the eps file can then be used as a layer as well as combining with any other layers and graphic elements. The EPS are vectors so can be used with any size of work though you might be asked on opening to enter a size and resolution etc.


Video tutorials - how can I find out more about them

Our videos are all on the Youtube.com and TipDesk site. On Youtube, find them via the graphicxtras channel (a link is below). You can find out how to install them, how to use them with other type, convert them to other formats, native formats, how to transform them, how to blend them, how to use them as frames, how to distort them, how to use them as a source for presets, how to use them with layer effects, use them with PSP, use them with Affinity Photo and much more. Any questions, please let us know



What can I do with them

You can use them in commercial as well as personal work, use them also to create new items for sale. You can use them to create books, adverts, videos, articles, illustrations, textures, frames, packaging, web pages, hats, rings, backgrounds, posters, mugs, items for sale on Cafepress, items for sale on Zazzle.com and much more. Any questions, please contact us