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overlay shapes font for PSP, Indesign, Pages, Word etc

Overlay font shapes for use in Photoshop, PaintShop Pro, Indesign, Microsoft Word, Affinity Designer, Affinity Photo and others. The overlay font shapes are for use on the pc and mac. The overlay font shapes include many different texture designs, curved overlay font shapes, jagged overlays, rounded overlay shapes, curled overlays and many more. The artworks are supplied in TTF truetype font format along with the same vector artworks in EPS format. The overlay font shapes are all vectors for any size of work. They can be stretched and distorted and warped and scaled and angled in countless ways in most applications.


Add to cart $3.99 / Download 100 Overlay shapes TTF / EPS Overlay shapes gallery V91.

Add to cart $3.99 / Download 80 Overlay shapes TTF / EPS Overlay gallery V90

Add to cart $3.99 / Download 80 Artworks TTF / EPS Overlay font shapes gallery V89.

Add to cart $3.99 / Download 90 Overlay shapes TTF / EPS Overlay gallery V88

Add to cart $3.99 / Download 214 Curved overlay shapes TTF / EPS Gallery V86


overlay font shapes overlay font shapes for Photoshop, psp, word, indesign and thin line cris cros trianagular design on orange

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You can also fill the overlay shapes / font designs with patterns such as 2900 Bitmap pattern tiles and outline patterns and metaball patterns