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How to create mosaic masks in Painter tutorial

How to create a mosaic mask in Corel Painter 2018 2017 2015 X3 etc

Create mosaic mask in Painter

create mosaic mask in painter tutorial how to
  1. Open image

  2. File menu and clone in Painter (you should have two images now)

  3. Goto the clone

  4. Select the brush tool and go to the colors palette and click the clone color to ON

  5. Canvas menu and make mosaic (image will go white)

  6. Goto the mosaic panel set width, length etc of the mosaic and set use tracing paper to ON

  7. Draw on cloned image with the mosaic tool

  8. Once you are happy with the mosaic (and you can vary the size etc of the mosaic brush strokes) then click tracing paper OFF and goto the options and render tiles into mask

  9. Click done

  10. Goto the colors palette and turn off the clone color

  11. Effects menu and surface control and adjust surface texture and select using 'mosaic mask' (to check you have created a mosaic mask in Painter - you can now use it in many other areas of Painter)

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2. Painter textures / paper grains

Tutorial notes

1. Should be noted that mosaic and tessellation are now in effects menu but the same basic approach can be used


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