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How to create Victorian paper marbling in Painter tutorial

How to create a Victorian paper marbling effect in Painter 12 X3 2015 2016 2017 2018 etc using the current color option for the blobs

Victorian paper marbling effect in Painter

victorian paper marbling painter how to create
  1. Open image or new document for the victorian paper marbling

  2. Set current color to orange in Painter (or another color)

  3. Effects menu and esoterica and blobs

  4. Set the size (change it with each apply say have a large maximum one time and then smaller next time, change the number as well)

  5. Apply the blobs effect with the current color option

  6. Set color to yellow (or another color)

  7. Apply the blobs effect in Painter

  8. Set color to blue

  9. Apply the blobs effect

  10. Repeat for multiple colors

  11. Change the color multiple times and change the number of blobs as well as the size

  12. Effects and estorica

  13. Apply marbling (if you want to many different styles of victorian marbling)

  14. Load

  15. Bouquet (or another preset)

  16. OK

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marbling apply victorian effect paper tutorial



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