Panda bear shapes for Photoshop and Elements CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 etc

Updated: March 20th, 2014

panda shapes

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Preview : 100 Panda custom shapes for Adobe ® Photoshop and Photoshop Elements (v196)

100 Wow panda custom shapes in vector format (CSH shapes format) for use throughout Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. Use the Photoshop panda shapes designs with Photoshop CC CS6 - 6 (this is the equivalent to Photoshop 14 - 6) as well as Photoshop elements 12-1 on the PC (windows 8, Windows 7 etc) and MAC. The Photoshop panda custom shapes are all accessed via the shapes panel and then applied via the custom shape tool. If you are using Photoshop elements, you can also use the panda custom shapes with the powerful cookie cutter tool to create awesome cutouts in seconds. The Photoshop shape blur command found in the filter / blur menu can also use the Panda custom shapes and can be used to create the most amazing unique panda themed blurs in seconds. The panda Photoshop shapes include realistic panda designs, head designs panda shapes, sketch designs panda shapes, abstract panda shapes and many more. The Photoshop panda shapes can be used in countless ways. You can combine the panda shapes for Photoshop etc), blend them, use them as a source for panda brushes and patterns and displacements, you can export the panda shapes designs to other applications. The panda shapes for Photoshop are for commercial (CU4CU), all by Andrew Buckle / Use them to create items for sale. If you have any questions about the panda shapes (for Photoshop etc), please contact us on See all the Photoshop panda shapes designs included in the set via the thumbnail gallery above. Many different Photoshop panda custom shapes are included in the set, they are all amazing and all are unique - use in all your projects. On buying the panda custom shapes set, you receive the download link to the custom shapes set - the set includes the panda shapes (Photoshop) CSH files along with documentation giving details about the installation of the Photoshop custom shapes as well as basic uses; a gallery and serial number is also included in the set.

Panda shapes for Photoshop images

large panda shape photoshop


The panda custom shapes for Photoshop can be any size


sketchy panda shapes photoshop


Sketchy panda shapes for Photoshop etc


panda shapes blue photoshop


The panda Photoshop shapes can be applied in any color

Opening panda shapes in Photoshop and elements

The key thing is to place the CSH panda shapes file into the preset shapes folder of Photoshop and elements, though is not a given for Photoshop, it definitely is the case for Photoshop elements. With Photoshop, the panda shapes CSH file can be loaded via the shapes palette right side menu load and replace commands. You can also load the panda shapes in Photoshop via the edit menu preset manager and in some cases, you can use the file open command to load the CSH panda shapes.

Panda bear shapes - how can I use them in Photoshop etc ?

You can use the panda bear shapes to create commercial as well as personal work, you can also use the panda shapes for Photoshop to create items that can be used in turn to create items for sale. You can use the panda shapes for Photoshop (as well as Photoshop elements) to create logos, books, items for sale on zazzle and cafepress, illustrations, adverts, surreal designs, packaging, videos and much more. If you have any questions about the Photoshop panda shapes, please contact us on

How were the panda shapes created ?

They were all created by me (Andrew Buckle) using the powerful 3D tool, Poser. The panda shapes were all created in many different poses and expressions and then rendered and saved as a PNG file or two. The Poser application also includes a wide selection of sketch renders so there are many different sketch / drawn panda renders as well. The renders were all then manipulated in Photoshop and some other applications and opened in Illustrator to convert into a vector panda shape. The panda shapes were then copied into Photoshop and those designs were saved as a CSH shapes file (with this, I use Photoshop 6 - a very old copy of Photoshop now - so the CSH panda shapes file works fine with all the versions of Photoshop from 6 upwards as well as all versions of Photoshop elements from the very first edition (there must be some people using that?)

Panda bear shapes for Photoshop help ?

You can find more about custom shapes in general via the wonderful Adobe site such as how to create shapes, how to modify the shapes, etc This is general help about the shapes and not particularly about panda bear shapes. You can also find a whole lot more information about the custom shapes via the videos from us as they cover a whole range of custom shapes information.