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2,900 Bitmap Tiles for Photoshop, PSP, Elements inc. colorful textures, patterns

 green chill tile bitmap pattern tiles

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2,900 Bitmap patterns for Photoshop, PSP, Indesign, Pages, Illustrator, GIMP, Photo-paint etc gallery 2900 Seamless tiles BMP format and the set includes many weird and wonderful abstract pattern designs, geometric pattern designs, colorful artworks and many more and they can be combined in countless ways with themselves as well as other resources in a variety of applications.


The bitmap patterns have a variety of related sets such as 1080 patterns collection for Photoshop and elements and a set of beautiful background designs, colorful backgrounds patterns for Photoshop, psp etc The bitmap patterns set can be blended with others using blending modes such as lighten and multiply and screen with tiles such as blurred ring and circular design patterns as well as borde and frame edge patterns and you can use shapes and brushes such as bubble abstract brushes and blot and spot and splatter custom shapes to mask and change the design. The bitmap patterns can also be used in 3D designs, used as a great source for displacement maps and distortions and more. There are many different tutorials on the patterns sets as well as a large selection of freebie patterns available on the site. If you need any information about the bitmap patterns, please let us know via support@graphicxtras.com or leave a message on our youtube message board or the graphicxtras facebook page

Photoshop patterns tiles Photoshop patterns tiles Photoshop patterns tiles Photoshop patterns tiles Photoshop patterns tiles Photoshop patterns tiles