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Updated: April 18th, 2014

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Free patterns sampler download: (PAT and PNG format) for Photoshop and most applications

Three free patterns - star pattern, cat pattern and letter pattern in PNG format and PAT Photoshop patterns format. The free patterns for Photoshop etc are for commercial (CU4CU) use, 500 x 500, color, 300 DPI. The free PAT patterns for Photoshop etc can be loaded via the patterns palette in Photoshop and elements; load the PNG files via the file open command as well as adding the PNG files to the patterns folder of PSP and other applications. Any questions, please contact us on The free patterns for Photoshop etc are for PC and MAC OS X (and the PNG files can be used on other platforms such as LINUX). The designs can be used in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, PSP, Pages, MS Word, Photo-Paint and others


dot patterns fills using magic wand in Photoshop to fill segments of the pattern


You can fill the patterns for Photoshop (as well as psp) using the powerful magic wand tool and fill the pattern with different greens or blues or other colors. You can also re-color those designs using the adjustment layers such as color lookup etc

Patterns for Photoshop etc examples


petal pattern in black in Photoshop as well as elements using pattern layers (using scaling)


The patterns in Photoshop can be applied via the fill command as well as the fill new layer command (found in the layer menu) and via the layer menu layer effects (pattern overlay). The above design shows the petals pattern from one of our earlier sets. The design was applied using a small scaling setting in the new layer fill.


ripple pattern as a pattern layer in Photoshop (though elements as well) in black


Another pattern design applied via the fill new layer command. Not all the patterns in the sets are B&W, many are colored. You can, of course, re-color the pattern and then apply the design in red, green or filled with a gradient etc


contour block pattern - black and white dotted design with connection lines as a pattern layer in Photoshop


Another pattern but this time from the pack 99 set - a contour black and white line pattern design for use in Photoshop as well as psp and other applications


gradient pads patterns in Photoshop - highlight pyramid design spark


Example above shows one of our gradient themed pattern sets. Gradients are a great source for unique pattern designs, designs you can make as simple or as complex as you wish.

Photoshop patterns tutorials

Photoshop patterns - converting from PAT and PNG to other formats (tutorial)

Capturing PNG files as paper textures / grains in Painter (tutorial)

Capturing PNG files as patterns in Painter (tutorial)

Arrow patterns and filter forge and Photoshop (tutorial)


letter photoshop patterns in Photoshop using antique text upside down alternating pink color


The patterns can be made up of X designs, cats, books, abstract designs and much more - they can also be made up of word art / text as above. You can also re-color the design as well as apply effects and much to create millions of unique variants fro the pattern fill.

Patterns for most applications such as Paint Shop pro and others

The patterns on this page are all for use in Photoshop and Photoshop elements (they contain the PAT files for use in Photoshop) but they can also be used in most other applications as the sets generally also contain the PNG format files - sources for the patterns - and they can be loaded as patterns in many other applications such as Paint Shop Pro, Xara, Indesign, Photo-Paint and many others. You can also use the super colorful exciting patterns as layers in many applications as well as a source for stunning and unusual brush strokes. The patterns are in a variety of sizes all 300 DPI. They are all seamless tiles so you can use them with any size of design.


pattern layer with scale 25% and dialog showing the star pattern design in Photoshop


Access the patterns in numerous ways in Photoshop, you can also access the designs via layer menu new layer fill pattern. You can scale the patterns as well as align the Photoshop patterns as required. As layers, you can also combine the various patterns included in the set via the different blending modes for the layer - it is a pity that the pattern fill doesn't include the blending mode and opacity on the pattern fill dialog

Pattern fill command for Adobe ® Photoshop

The patterns can be loaded into Photoshop and elements in a number of ways. The best is probably via the pattern fill command found via the layer menu and new fill layer command. The best thing about it, you can shift the patterns as well as set a scale (though why there is no angle has always baffled me. See an example of the pattern fill below


star patterns over multiple layers to create a drop shadow in Photoshop in blue


The patterns can all be used as is but you can also combine the pattern fills across multiple layers. Many of the patterns in the pattern packs include transparency so you don't need to use blending modes such as darked (as below) but if the layer has no transparency then you can always use blending modes such as darken or lighten or difference to blend multiple layers (as below)


patterns duplications and the layer panel with the two layers and the blue pattern in Photoshop


The patterns layer panel above in Photoshop - duplicated pattern layers

Patterns in Photoshop and elements etc - effects

You can apply the Photoshop patterns as is but you can also re-color the patterns using a variety of methods such as adjustment layers and image adjustments or styles. You can also apply effects to the patterns such as oil paint or camera raw filter or paint daub and many other filter gallery plugins. Literally millions of amazing colorful pattern designs can be created even from a single pattern in Photoshop


heart patterns for Photoshop and elements with effects applied camera raw filter


The heart patterns above have been re-colored using the powerful camera raw filter plugin to add highlights and shadows to the design as well as new colors in Photoshop