Vector Illustration for Photoshop, PSP, Pages, Illustrator etc

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free shapes

FREE sampler: 12 vector PDF shapes for Adobe ® Photoshop, psp etc

FREE: 12 PDF vector shapes for use in most applications such as Apple Pages, PS Elements etc. All the shapes are free. You can use them in commercial (CU4CU) use, items for sale etc. All the wonderful resources are by They are vectors for any size of work. The PDF vector shapes can also be converted to raster formats such as JPG or PNG etc for use in many other applications. Load via the open command or place / import commands. If you have any questions, please e-mail us on

Vector shapes:



Conversion of PDF

The PDF sets can be used in most of the major graphic applications such as PS, AI as well as parts of the Adobe Creative Suite - you can also use them in many of the Corel graphic packages as well as many others such as GIMP, Apple Pages and more. You can also just use a conversion tool to convert the PDFs to EPS or JPG or TIFF



Placing artworks

In many applications you can open the PDFs via the open command, in some you can also import the PDF artworks as layers via the place / import command. A dialog appears.


You can also use the PDF artworks as a layer - notice the smart artwork logo - it can be re-edited at any point



Opening PDFs

You can also generally open the PDF artworks via the open command - how they are opened in GIMP, apple pages, Xara Photo will vary.


You may have to set the resolution via a dialog though some applications set the resolution via an import preference



Opening the files in Xara

Many of the sets include the items over multiple PDFs, some sets include the files in a single file with multiple PDFs - Xara can only open the former but in those cases, the sets also include the same in EPS and they can be opened in Xara as well as others


Once opened in Xara (Photo, this is version 6), you can manipulate the artwork in many different ways such as apply bevels to the PDF as well as add shadows and more


Xara is trademark of Xara Software.

Pages is trademark or registered trademark of Apple Corporation