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140 Female shapes for Photoshop CC 2015 2014 CS6 CS3 CS4 CS5 CS2 13 12 Elements etc in many different poses such as jumping, walking poses, talking figures, running, discussions and much more. Stored in CSH format, they are really easy to load and apply via the presets palette and the custom shapes tool in PS. You can also use the presets via the cookie cutter tool in PS Elements as well as in the shape blur filter. PC (Windows) and MAC (OSX). Commercial (CU4CU) use for all kinds of work. Use to create items for sale such as books, illustrations, fabrics, textiles, mugs, coasters, phone casings, skateboards and more. If you have any questions about the set, please contact us. On buying the set, you receive the graphics in CSH as well as documentation and gallery of all the presets and also a serial number for any future update of the set.

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60 Female custom shapes for Adobe ® Photoshop and PS Elements CSH, all royalty free commercial use graphics for your projects. The set includes many different poses and expressions, hair styles and more. These wonderful artworks are all vectors for any size of work and can be combined, re-colored, tweaked, distorted, exported for use in other parts of the Creative Cloud as well as other applications. You can use them in countless projects. The CSH set is easy to use and to access and you can use them as layers as well as just fills and also as paths and you can combine them with many other elements of the PS app - you can turn them into smart objects and combine them with styles as well as smart filters and also adjustment layers and much more to create truly awesome and unique work for all your projects.

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100 Silhouette / female themed custom shapes for Adobe ® Photoshop and PS Elements. Commercial use CSH (they are vectors for any size), royalty free download, world wide use, no credit is required. use them to create logos, web pages, packaging, books, CDs, hats, mugs etc. Mix of different female silhouettes in different poses and expressions and action for all your projects. There are a whole range of videos available via our graphicxtras channel on Youtube giving the details how to use them as a source for amazing brushes / patterns / displacements as well as how to color them, blend them, turn them into smart objects, use with styles and much more. CSH format. On purchase, you receive the 100 different silhouette items along with the documentation and gallery as well as a serial number for any updates of the set in the future.

Female shapes for Photoshop and Elements


How to open them??

The set is supplied in a CSH format. Load them 1) via the presets palette right side menu 2) add the CSH file to the presets folder and then access them by name via the right side menu of the presets palette in PS and PSE 3) double click the CSH file to load them 4) Select the CSH file and right click and select the open or open with command 5) Open via the preset manager in the edit menu 6) Use the file open command in some instances. Once you have loaded or replaced the existing set with the new CSH set, you can then select the graphics via the presets palette once you have selected the cookie cutter tool in PSE and the shapes tool in PS. You can then add them as layers, paths or as fills depending on the setting of the pick tool mode.



How to turn them into brushes ???

The sets are a great sources for Adobe ® PS etc brushes. They can be applied once and then defined as a brush via the edit menu define brush command (or pattern, if you wish to create a pattern). You can apply single or multiples as well as use visual effects and also transformations and much more to create a near infinite range of brushes.The graphics, once applied, can now be defined as a brush. As the presets are vector graphics and can be any size, the generated brush strokes can also be any size though it should be noted that even CC CS6 has some limits on the size of brush (though I would have thought by now, that would have been removed or at least extended to 10000 x 10000). Other applications are even worse for size restrictions and accept file sizes of 500 x 500 etc so if you create a super large file, you will have to re-size to a smaller size though this is generally updated with each new version and memory allocation



Video tutorials - how to learn more about the items ???

We have been creating 100s and 100s of video tutorials since 2009 and you can find many of them on the graphicxtras channel on Youtube as well as the recently introduced (but excellent) Tipdesk.com site as well as on Vimeo.com. You can find out how to load them, how to distort them, how to use them in 3D features, how to use in different channels, how to use in LAB mode, how to use on layers, how to use as a smart object, how to combine them, how to add smart filters to them, how to export them for use in Affinity Photo and much more. Any questions, please leave us a note on the Youtube message board and I'll try and create a few new videos on the subject (if possible). Many of the videos are on specific subjects within PS and PS Elements such as 3D. They can be turned into 3D models (well, sort of) via some of the 3D features in 2014 CC. You can then import it via OBJ format, into Poser and other 3D applications. Here is a quick animation using the golden graphics from pack 129 Sinking feeling (YOUTUBE video tutorial)



How can I use them ???

Commercial use, royalty free, all the 3D are renders by Andrew Buckle. Use to create logos, books, adverts, illustrations, packaging, wrapping paper, cardboard, skateboards, ceramics, hats, textiles, carpets, scrapbooking, web pages and much more. Any questions, please contact us via our contact page where you can send us an e-mail or a message via our forum or send us a tweet.



How were they created ?

All were created in Poser application. A 3D model was rendered and saved as a PNG file. The PNG set was then imported into Illustrator (or via Photoshop combined with effects) and then the figure / images was traced using the trace tool in Illustrator. The vector paths were then copied via the clipboard / pasteboard into Adobe PS and defined via the edit menu.




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