Pinked edge custom shapes for Photoshop and elements inc. different cuts, trims, scissor scrapbooking

Pinked edge custom shapes for Photoshop CC CS6 CS5 CS4 elements PC and MAC inc many different trims, cuts, scissor designs, scrapbooking etc

pinked edge shapes for Photoshop and elements circular

Works with: Photoshop, Elements

Format: CSH

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free

Free samplers

Pinked edge shapes for Photoshop gallery (#138) CSH 100 Wonderful Pinked edge sharp edged artworks for all your projects. Many different artworks such as circular pinked edges, rounded, outlines, rings, square and many more with a variety of edges.


CSH format. Load them by a number of means such as dragging them into the application or right clicking the CSH file and selecting the open option or using the preset panel to load / replace the vector designs into the application. Easy to use as layers, paths as pixels. Combine them, re-color them, use them with gradients and patterns, use them as a source for brushes, export the vector artworks to other applications and much more. For use on the PC and MAC - very easy to load and use. All vectors for any size of work.


Commercial use, royalty free, all are by / Andrew Buckle


On purchase of the pinked edge shapes set, you receive the CSH file along with documentation and gallery and serial

pinked edge shapes for Photoshop and elements multiple lines

Pinked edge custom shapes for Photoshop and Elements

How to install them / load them

The artwork can be installed in a number of ways. You can simply add the supplied CSH file into the presets path of PS and PSE 'custom shapes' section and then access the artworks via the CSH panel in those applications via the right side menu. You can also use the same panel's right side menu to load and replace the CSH files. You can also right click the CSH file and then select the open command to load the set into the application.


Video tutorials

You can find out a whole lot more about the custom shapes via our graphicxtras channel on as well as via You can find out how to load them, how to re-color them, how to edit them, how to combine them, use them with other presets and paths and more


How were they created

All the artworks were created in Illustrator using a variety of features in that application as well as various combinations and plugin tools.


What can I do with them

You receive the full extended license to use them in all your projects. All the pinked edge artworks were created by this site / You can use them in commercial as well as personal work, all royalty free, no credit is required, world wide use, no time limits. You can use them to create logos, books, adverts, packaging, documents, frames, artworks, posters, illustrations, notebooks, leaflets, web pages, videos, tutorials and much more. Any questions, please let us know