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Photoshop Patterns Collection for CC CS6 CS5 Elements also inc. blurred, geometric

Photoshop patterns misty purple and pink  seamless tile

►BUY $7 (USD or Euros etc) • 1080 Colorful tiles / Photoshop patterns PAT format only and includes many different colorful seamless patterns for your projects, commercial or not and they can be combined in millions of ways as well as re-colored using adjustments etc Photoshop patterns collection for use in Photoshop CC CS6 etc and Elements tiles



photoshop patterns photoshop patterns


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You can use the 1080 colorful pattern designs also as textures for brushes in Photoshop such as for the brushes collection with 10000 strokes in different designs and swirl and flourish brushes etc You can also blend the pattern layers with other artworks such as shapes and fonts to create even more unique designs such as swirl and flourish eps shapes and fonts and star and starry custom shapes



1. how to re-color the patterns using adjustments in Photoshop

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3. create amazing pattern tiles using the PaintStorm Studio and seamless mode for brush designs


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1. Patterns on wikipedia


photoshop patterns photoshop patterns photoshop patterns photoshop patterns photoshop patternsphotoshop patterns photoshop patterns svg