Jumble Patterns for Photoshop, PSP, Affinity Photo etc. inc. stars, glows, backgrounds royalty free

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star mix jumble patterns for Photoshop and psp

Artist: Andrew Buckle

Works with: Photoshop, Elements, Pages, Illustrator, GIMP, Affinity Photo etc

Format: PNG

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free

Free samplers

Jumble Patterns for Photoshop gallery (#121) 50 Jumble patterns / Seamless tiles for Adobe ® Photoshop ® CC 2015 CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 7 6 etc), PSP (X8 X7 X6 etc), Painter (X3 12 11 X IX 8 7 6 etc), PS Elements 14 - 1 and Affinity Photo and CorelDRAW and many more. Set includes wonderful mess of stars and bursts in many mixed jumble patterns colors, blurred and opaque stars and many more.


PC and MAC OS X. You can combine them in millions of ways and still remain seamless. You can combine them with effects and layer effects as well as adjustment layers. You can add additional paths to the artwork. You can export the results of the tiles to other applications such as Illustrator (and perhaps use as a source for vector work and much more)


They are for use in commercial as well as personal work, all are by Andrew Buckle (graphicxtras).


They are in PNG and the set also includes a set of Photoshop actions as well as documentation and gallery and a serial number for any future updates.

mix of stars jumble patterns for Photoshop

Jumble patterns for Photoshop and Elements

What can I do with them

You can use them to create commercial as well as personal use, all the jumble patterns can be used to create new items that can in turn be used to create items for sale CU4CU. You can use them to create logos, books, illustrations, posters, items for sale on Zazzle, items for sale on Cafepress, cups, mugs, videos, packaging and more. If you have any questions about them, please contact us via our contact page (email, youtube etc)


Related items

You may find the grid patterns for Photoshop of interest and use, you can use them in PS and PS Elements and PSP etc


Video tutorials ? How can I find out more info

You can find all our graphicxtras channel on Youtube as well as via the TipDesk.com tutorial site - where you can find out how to install them, combine the fill content, use them in scripts, how to export them, how to use them as new resources, how to create them, how to blend, how to recolor them and much more. If you have any questions, please contact us and I will try and create a video or two of the subject


How open them

You can open them in Adobe ® Photoshop ®, psp etc via the open command. You can also open the jumble patterns in Adobe ® Photoshop ® via the place command. Once opened, you can then define the design as a seamless tile via the edit define pattern command. You can also create a quick Photoshop action to define all the PNG files included in the set.


How to use them with type

You can add them via the layer menu layer styles but you can also apply them to text by converting the text into a shape via the type menu convert to shape command. You can then select the custom shape tool and this will display the properties fill and stroke and these can also use them as a source (as long as you select the pattern option)


How to use them as layers

They can be opened via the file place command and used as a layer and add effects and smart filters and smart adjustments to radically change the artwork. You can then just define the same artwork as a new tile via the edit menu define command (as well as brush). You can also use them as a layer via the new fill content command (layer menu) and that can be scaled and shifted to create all kinds of artworks. The items included in this set have no transparency unlike many of the sets on the site but you can still blend them by using blending modes and opacity as well as combining the results with adjustments to change the color of the tiles. You can also use them with shapes you can now use the overlays with the fill / strokes (as well as gradients and solid colors). If you use a layer, you can also add them via the layer style menu command as a pattern overlay as well as via the bevel / texture and strokes section.


How to use them in PSP

The supplied artworks are in PNG and they can be placed in the patterns folder of PSP X8 X7 X6 X5 X4 X3 etc and then they can then be accessed via the materials panel (you can also use them as textures and bump maps etc)


How to use them as displacement maps

You can also convert the PNG image into a PSD and then use them as a great source for displacement maps. The displacement maps can be used with the displace filter as well as glass and texture filter in Adobe ® Photoshop ®. Use the seamless tiles to distort text, to distort, turn images into wonderful glass effects etc. You can also combine the glass effects via the filter gallery