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How to add a glow style to Photoshop shapes tutorial

Glow style for Photoshop

style and photoshop shapes glow

Learn how to use the glow style (outer) in Photoshop to create a variety of interesting glows applied to custom shapes. You can modifiy the contour of the glow style to create a vast range of unique colorful effects with any shape in Photoshop

  1. Edit menu in Photoshop (for the background)

  2. Fill color and set background (pink etc)

  3. Select the custom shapes tool in the Photoshop toolbar

  4. Select a shape via the shape preset picker

  5. Apply the shape to the artwork as a shape layer (needs to be a shape layer for the glow style to work)

  6. Layer menu

  7. Layer style

  8. Outer glow

  9. Set color option to white

  10. Set spread to 0

  11. Set size to large

  12. Change the contour to create all kinds of different glows with the shape

  13. OK

Custom shapes to buy

1. Selection of custom shapes for use in Photoshop with glow styles etc


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