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How to brighten a layer in Photoshop tutorial

Learn how to brighten a Photoshop layer / guide to brightening a layer in CC 2018 2017 2015 CS6 CS5 etc

Brighten a layer in Photoshop

adjustments brigthen layes in photoshop
  1. Go to the Photoshop layers panel to select layer to be brightened

  2. Layer menu and new adjustment layer category

  3. Levels

  4. Add name for the 'levels' layer and click OK

  5. Go to the properties panel (levels settings)

  6. Select the "lighter" preset to brighten the layer in Photoshop

  7. Go to the first slider bar / histogram

  8. Right side slider and move to the left to brighten the layer

To remove the brighten layer 'levels' adjustment, go to the layers panel and select the levels adjustment layer and click delete layer button.

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brighten a layer in photoshop tutorial


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