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How to subtract shapes in Photoshop tutorial

Learn How to subtract shapes in Photoshop tutorial

Subtract shapes in Photoshop

subtract shapes in Photoshop how to tutorial
  1. Create the first shape using shape tools in Photoshop as a shape layer

  2. Goto to the top bar of Photoshop

  3. Click the "subtract from shape area" button

  4. Draw another shape / custom shape to be subtracted from the previous shape

  5. Repeat subtract shape using another shape design

  6. Return to normal by clicking the new shape layer button

You can now see that you have subtracted from the original shape. You can repeat the subtraction multiple times in Photoshop. You can also see the result of the subtract in the layers panel thumbnail. You can now apply all kinds of transformations etc to the new shape design


subtract shapes in Photoshop area button along the top bar subtract shapes from photoshop shapes multiple times

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