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black and white patterns for Photoshop

Works with: Photoshop, Elements, Pages, PSP, Illustrator, Indesign etc

Format: PAT, PNG

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free

Free samplers

Black and white patterns for Photoshop gallery (#30) 100 Black and white patterns / Artwork Tiles. Set created with a mix of different objects such as ring black and white patterns, petals, sparks, diagonals, dots, distorted tiles, unusual circular, abstracts, sharp edged, weird shape decorative graphics and many more. All have transparency included.


All for use with Adobe ® Photoshop, PSP, Elements, Xara, Illustrator, Photo-paint etc. All are seamless tiles, mixed sizes, 300 DPI. Combine them, use as smart objects, warp, re-coloring them using adjustments, combine with filters, export to other applications, warp and distort and much more.


You receive the items in Format: PNG and PAT - on purchase, receive those black and white patterns along with documentation and gallery and serial and ps actions.


Commercial use black and white patterns, all royalty free, all can be used to create all kinds of things for sale. All are by / Andrew Buckle

Black and white patterns for Adobe ® Photoshop ® and PS Elements and psp etc

Video tutorials

How to resize B & W patterns for use with pattern stamp tool in Photoshop video tutorial

How to modify the B& W Photoshop patterns video tutorial


How to install them

You can double click the PAT preset to load the tiles into Adobe ® Photoshop ® and others, you can also right click the PAT and then open using PS. You can also place the PAT in the presets folder in the PS presets or use the load / replace command. If you place the PAT files in the standard location for the presets then they will appear by name in the right side menu of the preset's panel. You can also find equivalent locations in user accounts and not just the admin accounts (which require a password). On the mac, the location is the library (user account) section which can be reached via the finder 'go to folder' command and application support folder 'adobe' where you find a range of folders for many products as well as the current version of PS (such as CC 2014 CC 2015 or CC 2016 CC 2017 etc depending on your version). The presets can be added to the folder there and the items will appear in a slightly different position in the right side menu of the panel (at the bottom). The key thing is that you do not need to use your admin password and also as the items are stored in a central point, they are easier to manually copy them over to any new version (though that process should now be automatic). Once loaded, you can select and apply the patterns in numerous ways such as use them via the fill command and the fill command with scripts as well as via the stamp tool etc


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How to install the PNG included artworks in PS etc

You can load the PNG images via the open command. Once opened, they can be added to the panel via the edit menu define command. You can then apply the black and white tiles via the layer new layer fill content command or via the edit menu fill command as well as overlays in the layer styles and stamp tool


Video tutorials - how can I find out more

You can find more about the seamless tilesas well as the other sets from graphicxtras via the graphicxtras channel on Youtube. You can see how to install them, how to modify the them, how to recolor them, export them, warp and distort, how to blend, how to apply layer effects, how to use visual effects and more. Any questions about the black and white set, please contact us and I'll try and make a video or two about the subject


What can I do with them - license details

You can use them for commercial and personal use, you can use them to create items for sale, you can use them to create logos, cups, mugs, documents, adverts, packaging, scrapbooking, web pages and more. They can be used without any time limits. They can be used without any restrictions (other than the obvious ones such as copying them all for sale on another site !) and you do not need to add any credit for their use. World wide use as well. All the items were created by this site by Andrew buckle. Any questions about the tiles for Adobe ® Photoshop ® and others, pleaee contact us on


How to combine them with other elements

Yes, you can apply the tiles in Adobe ® Photoshop ® and elements and others as is but you can also always add other elements to the path pre or post processing of the work. If you wish, you can duplicate the PNG image and then add additional elements or remove or re-color and then redefine it as a new tile via the edit menu define command and then apply that. You can also use the new fill layer command and then add additional paths to the image. They are not cast in stone and they can be edited in 1000s of ways.


How to recolor them with adjustment layers

If you add the tile using the layer menu fill layer content command and then use the selection tools, the selection will be the entire layer. A solution: smart objects. If you turn the fill content (layer menu) into a smart object then you can select the actual fill content and use that as a source for adjustment layers. Recolor the selected area using the hue and saturation and colorize option (or any of the other adjustment layers) but the adjustment layers are layers and can be shifted as well as scaled and rotated and smart filters and layer effects can be applied to the adjustment layer. You can use that to create truly abstract colorful work - the end result will show the original source tile as well as the recolored region but offset or scaled on top of the tile. This in turn can be used as a new smart object and so on and you can turn the original B & W tile into a truly super colorful image in seconds and the best of all is that the artwork is still editable and layers and effects can be removed and resized to create all kinds of amazing color effects with even a single tile.


Which apps can I use them with

CC 2015 2014 & CS 6 5 4 3 2 1 and standalone and Elements 14, 13, 12, 11, 10 to 1

Illustrator CC CS6 - 10

PaintShop Pro X8 X7 - PSP 8

After Effects



Microsoft Word

Corel Painter




and many others


How to use them in Affinity Designer and Photo

As the items are supplied in PNG format as well as PAT, you can use these tools in a whole range of other applications and not just PS. You can use them in tools such as Affinity Designer as well as Affinity Photo and you can use them either imported directly via the pasteboard or via the file open command but you can use them via the functionality within the app such as via the gradient tool. The gradient tool has many options to allow for a variety of conical / ellipse etc as well as bitmaps and this allows for the quick import of PNG files (as supplied) and these can then be re-sized and angled as required (and in many ways, far easier than in PS or PS elements) and you can also then combine different elements that include different bitmaps or the same bitmaps in different sizes and angles - you can do this via a variety of blending modes and opacity. You can then merge the end result of all these black and white artworks and also combine with a variety of effects such as lighting (useful for interesting texture effects). The results of which can also be copied back to other apps such as Adobe ® Photoshop ®