Photoshop shapes - Collection examples

Updated: March 3rd, 2015

Examples of shapes from the shapes collection

If you are looking for the collection set - 13,000 custom shapes collection then you can find it via our shapes collection page


swirly shapes photoshop


The set includes many different paths and these can be added in all kinds of colors and sizes such as red and black galactic paths on a white background

crackle frame shape


Repeat custom shapes - you can apply (as with the crackle frame star shape above) the item over and over - they don't need to be applied just once. Of course, the color can be changed for each individual custom shape in Adobe PS.

shape tiles


You can use them as an excellent source for tiles and these can then be used as fill content as above creating an interesting cross themed image in black on a blue background

rotated tile shapes


The same shape as previous but the shape has been rotated and a different color as well as a stroke has been applied to the path before the custom shape was turned into a Photoshop tile. Also, the pattern layer was applied twice and blended using the lighten blending mode.


combined shapes tiles


The custom shapes tiles can also be interlinked so you can create ever more complex graphics in Adobe PS just by moving and re-coloring the them via the properties bar along the top options bar


grid shapes in Photoshop


Puppet warp custom shape - the shape (such as the grid) can be warped in 1000s of ways to create many different exciting graphics even from the shape custom shape


perspective grid shape in Photoshop


Perspective transform commands can be applied to the grid custom shape and then combined in Adobe PS


abstract line shape


Abstract shape in Adobe PS: applied in shape format with stroke and shadow added


wallpaper abstract shapes in Photoshop


The shapes can be used for 1000s of different projects such as wallpapers


combined shapes


The custom shapes can be combined with other elements of Photoshop such as the ellipse tool


abstract color shapes


Many different abstract custom shapes are included in the shapes collection set. They can be re-colored and rotated and modified in 1000s of ways to create many different unique shapes


brush stroke shapes


Brush stroke shapes - these are Vector graphics that can be applied over and over at any size in Adobe PS


zoom shapes


Color splatter shapes for Adobe ® Photoshop - the shapes can be applied once or multiple times such as red and black and other colors.


stained glass in yellow and orange with wide bevel shattered imagery


The custom shapes can be modified by a variety of tools in Adobe PS such as the magic wand


thin line curved track in black on orange background hair combed


Curved track lines