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Polar Grid Tool for Illustrator Tutorial / How to use for radial / line designs in CC 2017 CS6 CS5

Polar grid tool in Adobe Illustrator and how to use the underused grid design tool

polar grid tool in Illustrator

Polar Grid Tool / Illustrator toolbox

The polar grid tool in Illustrator is a powerful radial and line path creation tool in Illustrator CC CS6 CS5 CS4 etc. You can modify the polar grid tool in many ways such as using it with circles and radial dividers. The polar grid tool can be found beneath the line segment tool. You can use the Illustrator polar grid tool once or multiple times. You can use the polar grid tool in any color. You can export the polar grid tool to other applications such as Photoshop. In this tutorial you can see where the polar grid tool is. You can see how to use the polar grid with the basic settings as well as many different examples of the polar grid tool in Illustrator as well as many links to other tutorials


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polar grid tool illustrator

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Basic Polar grid path using the polar grid tool

polar grid tool illustrator random  fill with stroke outline artwork with type CC CS6 CS5 CS4polar grid tool illustrator spotsYou can create all kinds of polar grids using this tool but the basic generated polar grid is a 5 concentric circles and 5 divider grid.


You can also skew the results and set the size of the result via the polar grid panel which can be displayed by double clicking the polar grid icon.


The initial grid is made only of strokes but you can always expand the result, fill the grid, use it with brushes and much more.


Literally millions of amazing designs can be created using this powerful tool and it definitely should not be overlooked as a useful all-purpose Illustrator tool. It has been in the toolbox for years and years but I always wonder how often it is used and finding any articles about the tool are hard to find.


Examples of polar grid paths

Selection of polar grid path designs created using the tutorials found on this page


basic polar grid path brush strokescissors polar gridscissors polar grid split effectconcentric circles polar gridcolorful concentric circles gridpolar grid break up and color guidegreen sliced designtarget situationwarped polar grid variable width profilescolor slicesburst design for Illustrator