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How to use the polar grid tool for Illustrator Tutorial

The polar grid tool in Illustrator is a powerful radial and line path creation tool in Illustrator CC 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 CS4 etc. How to use the polar grid in Illustrator.

Polar grid tool in Illustrator

how to use polar grid tool in Illustrator tutorial
  1. Goto Polar grid tool in the Illustrator toolbar beneath the line segment tool

  2. Double click polar grid tool icon in the Illustrator toolbar for settings

  3. Set the concentric dividers value

  4. Set the radial dividers and click OK

  5. Apply polar grid by dragging from origin point on the artboard

  6. Set stroke and stroke width for the polar grid

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You can modify the polar grid tool in many ways such as using it with circles and radial dividers. The polar grid tool can be found beneath the line segment tool in the Illustrator toolbar. You can use the Illustrator polar grid tool once or multiple times. You can use the polar grid tool in any color. You can export the polar grid tool to other applications such as Photoshop.


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