3D / cubes / Three dimensional brushes, shapes, patterns, fonts, textures, symbols - all royalty-free

Price $6.49 US Dollars per set Download. TTF / EPS / PDF / PNG / JPG / OTF for use in most apps, AI for Illustrator, PAT / ABR / CSH for Photoshop and Elements. The sets include a vast range of designs such as cubes, spherical designs, star themed designs, boxes and many more. The sets include 3D fonts, 3D shapes, 3D graphic packs, 3D brushes and many more. Many of the sets designs can be used in countless other ways such as using them as source for brushes, patterns, textures, displacement maps, bump maps, distortions, paths, seamless tiles and many more. All are themed 3D and were created either in 3D applications or within tools such as Illustrator to look like 3D designs