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BEST Illustrator plugins / Plug-ins CS5 CS4 CS3 inc. perspective, zigzag, stars, hearts, spirals, polygons PC & MAC

illustrator plugins creation checkerboard effect in black and white

Artist: Andrew Buckle

Works with: Illustrator

Format: AIP

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free, all items are by this site / Andrew Buckle


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Price $7 each

Creation : Stained glass, windmill, duplications and more (Pack1)

Five plugins for Adobe ® Illustrator ® CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. PC and MAC OS X. The set Includes duplication plugin tool for tabular artwork; round duplication tool for stunning windmill duplications; windmill and duplicator tool for variant table (row / column) & windmills; filter for stained glass effects.


The plugins work using selected paths, images, single and multiple items. The set include many color features, randomization settings, transformation features and more. You can use plugins with symbols as well such as arch symbols and art nouveau symbols and checkerboard symbols


You can use the tools to create the most amazing graphics for your vector illustrations. You can find our tutorials on Illustrator plugins


Please note, the Illustrator plugins do not work in CC 2017 2015 etc only the earlier versions

Illustrator plugin sets for CS5 CS4 etc rosette design

Color Path : Table, Edge, Spiral, Color Effects (Volume 2)

Six Illustrator filters including grid tool for 1000s of stunning grid and tabular artworks; line tool for wow line and artwork; sharp edge tool for basic to extreme edge effects; spiral tool for basic spirals, rectangular-spirals, poly-spirals; random color tool to randomize path colors in 1000s of different ways; negative / invert tool for color manipulation of selected paths. Use to create millions of stunning images in Adobe AI. The tools include many color settings; randomization features; transformation settings.

Two Powerful Gradient Plugins for Illustrator (Volume 3)

The set includes two powerful tools for CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. Use them to manipulate Illustrator gradients in 1000s of ways for your projects. Use them to create weird images, captivating art, hi-impact live effects, weird color effects and more. Use the gradient tools to create stunning gradient graphic live effects in seconds. Modify selected gradients in many ways such as applying slanting, scaling of gradient, rotation, jitter of color stops, position of color stops, matrix, color channel of gradients, grayscale, blurring and sharpening

Multi toolbox: Grid, Mesh, windmill, Paint and others (Volume 4)

Toolkit for CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. Set includes two tools (13 tools in one + bonus point manipulation tool). You can use them to manipulate paths as well as images and also symbols and converted text as well as mesh and other types of path. The set includes a grid tool / paint tool / generation tool / windmill tool / random path noise tool / edge tool / drag tool. Literally billions of creations can be created using this highly interactive and hi-impact tool. The toolbox set comes with a number of color options, trace features for smudging and more, repeat options, pattern features and more. Bonus set includes a tool to warp paths in millions of ways. On buying the set, you receive the AIP tools along with documentation and serial number for any future updates.

Zigzag Toolbox : Borders, Dividers etc (Volume 5)

Superb zigzag tool for use in AI CS5 CS4 etc PC and MAC. You can use the tool to create 1000s of amazing path designs in AI themed zigzags. The tool works via the toolar / toolbox and is super interactive and powerful with many different settings to create the most wonderful dividers and path designs for all your projects. The tool includes many different settings for color effects and path distortions and more. The results of the paths can be used throughout Illustrator as well as exported for use throughout the creative cloud applications

Perspective Grid plugin (Volume 6)

Perspective Grid for CS5-10 (standalone 15 - 10). Two perspective tools combined into one - an amazing set of path creation tools. The set includes 1pt and 2pt perspective grids tools. They include powerful color features + pattern features + tile features and more. Use as guidelines to align paths. For artwork / text based work. Use the Illustrator plugins to create buildings; for boxes; for layouts; for tunnels; for zooms. Note that this is not linked to perspective feature in AI. Combine the paths; transform the perspective paths (rotate, scale) and much more. On buying the set, you receive the AIP plugin set along with documentation and serial number for any future updates.

Vectorwand: Paint On Effects Toolbox (Volume 7)

Toolbox to paint on selected effects; easy to use; easy to apply; use to create one-off effects. The set includes 19 tools with multiple options. Select and apply the brush stroke. The set includes tools to modify scaling, rotation, opacity, point dragging and distortion, colors, stroke width, color intensity, tinting, color to mesh, warping on any of the selected items. Modify paths, images, meshes and much more. Apply in controlled manner; randomized; accumulative; pressure modified. The set includes bonus material (all for commercial (CU4CU) use).

Symbols painting tool : paint with shapes, images, text (Volume 8)

Exciting painting toolkit plugin for Adobe ® Illustrator CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. With the set, you can paint with shapes (images) to create dramatic brush strokes (shapes can be your own shapes such as shape text or images + paths + shapes). Create Oozing paint and splatters and bristles with the powerful painting options

The tool Includes mirror options for unusual patterns. Paint with shapes : store paragraphs + text + images + paths + meshes + patterns. Modify dab settings as well as the brush bristles. Use selected or random shapes or shapes in order. Modify shapes at any point during the creative process. Bonus: shapes to use with the Adobe AI CS5 - 10

Background / extreme textures tool (Volume 9)

Background and texture generator tool for AI using the symbols panel / presets. With the set, you can use native shapes / symbols or your own or bonus shapes. Create dramatic texture artworks in seconds as well as text / type effects. With the background, you can modify the distribution, density, rotation, scaling of shapes. Use in animations. Use to create unique hi-impact edges, tiles, dividers and much more. Use the Illustrator plugin to create T-shirts, fashion, DVDs, kits, CDs, books, music events, leaflets, web pages and much more. Bonus: shapes and graphic live effects.

Shapes / symbols (Manipulate symbols) (Volume 10)

Tool for CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. Create hi-impact grid, windmills, random particles and more. Once created, export the resultant output layers to SWF and SVG for animations. Use the tool to create stunning images for use in your projects such as websites, packaging, adverts, leaflets, books etc. Use them to manipulate shapes in 100s of ways. It works with a single shapes or randomly select shapes or symbols as ordered in the symbols / presets panel. Use the tool with your own shapes / the bonus shapes that come with the set / native shapes.

Headline / Banner tool (Volume 11)

Banner tool for AI CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. Create hi-impact banner artworks, layers / animations. Once generated, export the output layers to SWF and SVG for animations. Use the filter to create stunning web page elements. Use the tool to manipulate shapes in 100s of ways. The tool works with a single shape or randomly select shapes or shapes as ordered in the shapes panel. Use the tool set with your own shapes as well as the bonus shapes that come with the set / native vector shapes. Shapes can be many things in Adobe AI i.e. text, meshes, paths, single text, converted text, combos.

Shape FX Creation and Warp tool ( #12)

Powerful shape decorative graphic tool to create millions of great shape decorative graphics such as curved, petals, infinite, sharp edges - a great filter for CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. Includes randomization and experimentation. Easy to use tool and easy to install. Create random and unique and abstract artwork in seconds. Re-color the artwork. Generate one or millions of paths for your projects. Use across layers for animation effects. Bonus: warping tool to apply to shape FX paths or your own paths & text. 1000s of great warping effects.

Spiral Tool (Volume 13)

Spiral generation filter for CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. PC and MAC OS X. Use the Illustrator plugin to create 1000s of superb paths from rectangular to extreme spirals to basic spiral to scratchy to curly spirals as well as unique randomized spiral and distorted and warped spirals and more. Use the spiral tool to create many millions of wonderful unique artworks for your projects. Includes pattern features; scratchy and drawn settings; path offsets; color options; weight; spiral gap and much more.

Star Cauldron tool / star creation extreme (Volume 14)

Star tool for wow artworks in Adobe AI CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. The star cauldron comes with a huge selection of options to create intense bursts, basic, scratchy and more. Easy to use set and install. Use the results to create all kinds of frames, edges, items for use in Photoshop and other parts of the Adobe Creative Cloud. The set can be used to create 1000s of different and dynamic star artworks.

Heart filter (Volume 15)

Heart creation for AI CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10 PC MAC OSX / MacOS. The heart filter includes features to create many hearts and they in turn can be used for inspiration and quick and easy effects and many different exciting graphics. Use the heart tool to create heart artwork in kits, ceramics, pet tags, fashions, textiles, patterns, Valentine cards and much more. The tool Includes many heart and romantic point manipulation features, symmetry settings, drop shadow, scratchy hand drawn features and more

Mesh (and Warp) tool / Paint and gradient mesh effects (Volume 16)

Gradient Mesh plugin for Adobe Illustrator CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. Warp mesh: use mesh plugin to create unique distortions. Use the warp mesh to apply to images and shapes creating truly unique warping and distortions. Use the filter on selected color mesh and manipulate the mesh node points and color in 1000s of unique ways. Use the filter to create stunning color art, stripes, puffed, embossed, shadowy meshes, alternating meshes, shadow meshes, painted and more.

Pattern / swatch Manipulation tool for AI (Volume 17)

Create stunning patterns with this tool in AI CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 10. The effect combines two patterns / swatches in 1000s of ways. Use pre-built or your own patterns or the native ones. Create pattern graphic live effects for future use. Patterns can be basic or complex, text. Experimentation with many pattern artwork combinations. Great for fashions, textiles, packaging, scrap booking, web pages, tiles and more. The Illustrator plugin set also includes bonus 100s of patterns + live effects (for use with the appearance panel).

Scaling / contour-like effects (Volume 18)

Contour / Scaling / contour tool for CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. Use the tool to create inset and offset artworks. Use for blurry artwork effects. Includes tiling features for patterns/ swatches; transformation features including shifts, rotation and scaling; pattern settings for tiling. Scaling tool includes the ability to scale based on scaling of paths as well as manipulation of individual points of the path. Use the tool with selected images, paths, shapes based text, shapes and more.

Points Manipulation effects (warping / distortion) (Volume 19)

Points manipulation tool for CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. Includes four powerful AIP files to manipulate path points and anchor points in 1000s of different ways. The set includes distortion tool (packed with many warping and distortion settings) + corner point manipulation tool (manipulate path points in many different weird & basic ways) + Path splitting effect for 100s of unique shapes (pie slicing plugin effect for zooms and dynamic artwork) + Split tool for drawn / hand drawn / scratchy / scribbled effects. The set includes many color options and settings and randomization features are included in the tools.

Random touch : Spray, Pyramid, noise etc (Volume 20)

Tools for random art, particles & sprays for Adobe ® Illustrator. The set includes background tool + spray particle effect + pyramid filter + path noise effect filter. Easy to install and use in Adobe AI. You can experiment with 100s of settings via tumble feature - they also includes many different randomization features. The set include color settings and transformation settings and much more. For AI 10, a text tool is also included. On buying the random touch set, you receive the download url to the AIP files as well as documentation and serial number for any available updates.

Layers (Transform, Scale, Rotate) (Volume 21)

Three layer tools for CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 10 including rotate + translate + scale over layers (for animations / SWF) for Adobe ® Illustrator. Many different features are included in the layers et. They can be used with paths, images, shapes (also shapes can be text or whole paragraphs of text). Comes with many settings and much more. Create stunning hi-impact vector paths and animations.

Star Burst tool : amazing star effects (Pack #22)

Starburst tool for CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. Creates rounded star artworks, warped stars, sharp edge stars and more. The starburst filter is great for multiple dimensional star effects and embossed artworks. The set includes many tiling features included and multi-star feature. Includes many star fill and stroke settings to create embossed paths and smooth star and more. Create scratchy and hand drawn bursts. On buying the starburst set you receive the download url to the set (to download it) and this contains the AIP files, serial, documentation etc.

Zoom Lines Effect Manga Themed / bursts and blasts (Volume 23)

Plugin for focus / effects lines / zoom lines for CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. Use for comics, packaging, t-shirts, CD covers, dynamic artwork, manga shapes, focus lines for manga. Use the filter to create hi-impact zooms & patterns & borders. The zoom lines effect has 54 different zoom settings for stunning manga comic artwork.


The set includes Bonus material: 100+ zoom / focus lines shapes all for commercial (CU4CU) use, royalty free. Includes interference for opart work. Plugin comes with powerful interactivity features, drag and add the hi-impact zoom and focus lines in seconds with amazing results.

Connect tool : grid / lattice / connections / structures (Pack #24)

Tool for CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. Use the connect tool to create basic, structure graphics, extreme, creative, colorful artworks and more. Use the ouput in packaging, website pages, adverts, packaging, export to Photoshop and more. Use the tool to create line artworks and combine with shapes at node points ( selected shapes + photos + shapes). The 'connect' tool includes 'tumble' feature to randomize all the settings to create unique graphics in seconds. Interactive and powerful.

Rain tool / spray and tangles (Volume 25)

Line and rain and orbital spray tool for CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. Use the filter to create sprays, orbits, particles and more. Use the rain paths in packaging, web sites, export, art, adverts, videos and more. Use the rain themed filter to create lines (not just basic lines but truly wow ones) and combine with shapes at end points (selected shapes, selected photos, selected shapes and more). Interactive orbital creation.

Line Toolbox for CS5 CS4 ONLY (Volume 26) - Multi-line Curves

Line tools for CS5 CS4 ONLY - Line set includes 13 AI tools in one - truly awesome creative artwork effects. Use the lines toolbox to create many unique lines effects, curved lines, random shape decorative graphics and much more. The lines tool comes with drag tool, windmill tool, edge tool, and more. The set includes a random line tool, zoom tool, paint tool, tile tool and more. Generate millions of different line artworks. Interactive effects - use and create in seconds. Use the line tool with brushes, especially powerful combined with the new width tool.

Illustrator plugins

They are for CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10 (in most cases but some require features that we included in later versions such as scribble). They can be used in millions of ways to create truly awesome effects, as well as being great timesavers in all manner of tasks. They are available for both PC and MAC (in the same package).


Installation of the AIP files

They are easy to install by simply adding the AIP file to the Illustrator plugins folder.


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