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BEST Illustrator plugins / Plug-ins CS5 CS4 CS3 inc. perspective, zigzag, stars, hearts, spirals, polygons PC & MAC

illustrator plugins creation checkerboard effect in black and white

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Creation : Stained glass, windmill, duplications and more (Pack1)

Five plugins for Adobe ® Illustrator ® CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. PC and MAC OS X.

1) duplication plugin tool for tabular artwork

2) round duplication tool for stunning windmill duplications

3) windmill / circular plugin effect tool

4) duplicator tool for variant table (row / column) & windmills

5) filter for stained glass - like effects.


Unless stated, all the plugins on this page are only for CS5 and below PC and Mac


All the Illustrator plugins are by

Illustrator plugin sets for CS5 CS4 etc rosette design

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Color Path : Table, Edge, Spiral, Color Effects (Volume 2)

Six Illustrator plugins including

1) grid plugin tool for 1000s of stunning grid and tabular artworks

2) line tool for wow line and artwork

3) sharp edge tool for basic to extreme edge effects

4) spiral tool for basic spirals, rectangular-spirals, poly-spirals

5) random color tool to randomize path colors in 1000s of different ways

6) negative / invert plugin tool for color manipulation of selected paths.

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Two Powerful Gradient Plugins for Illustrator (Volume 3)

The set includes two gradient themed Illustrator plugins

1) Gradient combination plugin tool

2) Plugin to modify selected gradients in many ways such as applying slanting, scaling of gradient, rotation, jitter of color stops, position of color stops, matrix, color channel of gradients, grayscale, blurring and sharpening

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Multi toolbox: Grid, Mesh, windmill, Paint and others (Volume 4)

Toolkit for CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. Set includes two tools (13 tools in one + bonus point manipulation tool).


1) grid tool

2) paint Illustrator plugin tool

3) generation tool

4) circular plugin and windmill tool

5) random path noise tool

6) edge tool

7) drag tool

8) warping paths plugin tool

and many more

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Zigzag Toolbox : Borders, Dividers etc (Volume 5)

Superb zigzag plugin for Illustrator to create millions of zigzag path designs in unique styles

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Perspective Grid plugin (Volume 6)

1) 1pt plugin tool

2) 2pt perspective grid plugin. Note that this is not linked to perspective feature in AI. Use the tool to create amazing grid designs with perspective (which can then be used for alignment)

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Vectorwand: Paint On Effects Toolbox (Volume 7)

Toolbox to paint on selected effects includes 19 tools with multiple options.

1) modify scaling by painting scaling on

2) rotation paint plugin

3) opacity

4) point dragging and distortion

5) Paint on colors

6) stroke width

7) color intensity

8) color to mesh, warping on any of the selected items.

and many more

Buy Price: $7

Symbols painting tool : paint with shapes, images, text (Volume 8)

Plugin to paint with symbols, spray and splatter and more (symbols can be made up of anything in Illustrator)

Buy Price: $7

Background / extreme textures tool (Volume 9)

Background and texture generator plugin for Illustrator (using symbols)

Buy Price: $7

Shapes / symbols (Manipulate symbols) (Volume 10)

Toolkit similar to volume 4 but instead of using paths etc, the plugin uses symbols in many unique ways

Buy Price: $7

Headline / Banner tool (Volume 11)

Banner tool for AI CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10. Create hi-impact banner artworks, layers / animations in Illustrator using the headline plugin. More details about the symbols headline banner tool for use in Illustrator CS5 CS4 etc

Buy Price: $7

Shape FX Creation and Warp tool ( #12)

1) Illustrator plugin to generate a vast range of unique and unusual shapes in seconds

2) Unique path warping plugin tool

Buy Price: $7

Spiral Tool (Volume 13)

Use the spiral plugin for Illustrator to create a vast range of unique spiral designs Free spiral plugin for CC 2017 MAC

Buy Price: $7

Star Cauldron tool / star creation extreme (Volume 14)

Use the star plugin for Illustrator to create millions of unique star designs in seconds

Buy Price: $7

Heart plugin (Volume 15)

Use the heart plugin for Illustrator to create a vast range of hearts

Buy Price: $7

Mesh (and Warp) tool / Paint and gradient mesh effects (Volume 16)

1) Gradient mesh manipulation to create unique color designs

2) Warp mesh Illustrator plugin for all kinds of extreme path warping and more

Buy Price: $7

Pattern / swatch Manipulation tool for AI (Volume 17)

Use the pattern plugin to manipulate paths with patterns and create unique combinations

Buy Price: $7

Scaling / contour-like effects (Volume 18)

A powerful scaling Illustrator plugin for all kinds of zoom effects

Buy Price: $7

Points Manipulation effects (warping / distortion) (Volume 19)

1) Distortion plugin for Illustrator (packed with many warping and distortion settings)

2) Corner point manipulation tool (manipulate path points in many different weird & basic ways)

3) Path splitting effect for 100s of unique shapes (pie slicing plugin effect for zooms and dynamic artwork) + Split tool for drawn / hand drawn / scratchy / scribbled effects.

Buy Price: $7

Random touch : Spray, Pyramid, noise etc (Volume 20)

1) background design generator plugin tool

2) spray particle effect

3) pyramid filter

4) path noise effect filter.

Buy Price: $7

Layers (Transform, Scale, Rotate) (Volume 21)

Layer plugins to apply a variety of unusual transformations on Illustrator paths in layers

Buy Price: $7

Star Burst tool : amazing star effects (Pack #22)

Use the star plugin to create all kinds of unique Illustrator starburst designs

Buy Price: $7

Zoom Lines Effect Manga Themed / bursts and blasts (Volume 23)

Plugin for focus / effects lines / zoom lines for all kinds of amazing op art and Manga themed work

Buy Price: $7

Connect tool : grid / lattice / connections / structures (Pack #24)

Illustrator plugin to create 1000s of unique grids and lattice designs and structures

Buy Price: $7

Rain tool / spray and tangles (Volume 25)

Line and rain and orbital spray plugin for Illustrator

Buy Price: $7

Line Toolbox for CS5 CS4 ONLY (Volume 26) - Multi-line Curves

Line tools for CS5 CS4 ONLY - Line set includes 13 AI tools in one - truly awesome creative artwork effects and all using lines and curve strokes.

Illustrator plugins

They are for CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10 (in most cases but some require features that we included in later versions such as scribble). They can be used in millions of ways to create truly awesome effects, as well as being great timesavers in all manner of tasks. They are available for both PC and MAC (in the same package).



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Free samplers / tryouts

You can find all our Free plugin samplers / demo tryout for CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 etc


Installation of the AIP files

They are easy to install by simply adding the AIP file to the Illustrator plugins folder.


Illustrator plugins testimonials

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