Illustrator Brushes for CC CS6 CS5 inc. abstract, scatter, lines, artistic, frame strokes

Illustrator brushes CC CS6 CS5 CS4 etc artistic designs flowing design and rounded sliced and spots and dots

buy $3.49 (approx £2.73) -- 16,000 Illustrator brushes / Strokes for Adobe AI CC 2017 / 2015 & CS6 CS5 CS4 3 2 1 2014 - an exciting set of vector artworks for all your projects. Set includes crescent Illustrator brushes, wavy, dots and blots, rows, bits and pieces, 3D, ink strokes, hexagons, hearts, diamonds, doodles, Christmas / Xmas strokes, curved, embellishment and swirls, frame strokes, arrows and many more. Illustrator brushes collection gallery


Easy to load and use Illustrator brushes via the brushes panel AI format Use the Illustrator brushes to create items for sale. Use to create logos, books, templates, kits, documents, packaging, wrapping, surf boards, fashions, ceramics and much more. All are by Andrew Buckle /, commercial use, all royalty free, no time limits, no credit is required, world wide use. Approx 132 MB of stunning items for you to use in all your projects. On buying the Illustrator brushes set, you receive the AI files along with documentation and gallery and serial.

Freebies / free samplers

1. Free Illustrator brushes


You can find many wonderful tools on the graphicxtras site such as the


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and many others

Other resources on the site

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Sources and references

1. Illustrator version history and references to brushes etc on wikipedia

2. Illustrator brushes on