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Random noise plugins for Adobe ® Illustrator CS5 - 10 Volume 20

Plugins for random designs and particles & sprays for Adobe ® Illustrator. Includes background plugin + spray particle tool + pyramid tool + path noise tool. Easy to install and use in Adobe AI CS5 - 10 (standalone 15 - 10) PC and MAC OS X. Use the plugin to experiment and create with 100s of settings via tumble feature to randomize the effects to your heart's content. The random touch / noise effects are packed with many different randomization features for amazing results. plugins include color settings and transformation settings. For AI 10, text plugin also included. On buying the random touch set you receive the download url to the filters as well as documentaion and serial etc and the set includes the versions for the PC and Mac and you can use either or both if you wish (if you are using both OS). PC Demo (Note: the demos only for CS3 and before, the release versions work in CS4 and CS5 as well)