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starburst plugin for Illustrator

Starburst plugin for Adobe ® Illustrator CS5 - 10 PC MAC OS X

Starburst plugin for Adobe ® Illustrator CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10 11 12 13 14 15 PC (Windows 8, 7, 10 etc) and MAC OS X (Lion, Mountain Loin etc). The plugin also works in the standalone versions of Illustrator 15 - 10. The plugin creates rounded star designs, warped star designs, sharp edge star designs and much more. plugin for multiple dimensional star effects and embossed artworks. The starburst plugin comes with tiling features included and multi-star feature, different starburst forms and more. All very easy to use. The starburst plugin includes many star fill and stroke settings to create embossed and smooth stars, wavy starbursts, thin, scratchy, curved, 3D, straight lines, random color , abstract starburst color and more. Use the starburst plugin to create scratchy and hand drawn bursts. On buying the starburst plugin set you receive the download url to the plugin set (to download it)


PC Demo (Note: the demos only for CS3 and before, the release versions work in CS4 and CS5 as well



Starburst plugin examples for Adobe ® Illustrator

abstract starburst

The starburst plugin can created straight line starbursts but it can also create abstract curved starbursts as easily. The above example shows the paths modified with the use of the width profiles in Adobe AI.


combined starburst plugin effect

The starburst plugin can be used to create a single starbursts or multiple starbursts but you can also use the design with other paths (such as a green circle as in the above example)


smeared starburst

Starburst smearing effect. They can be applied multiple times on the same spot with subtle changes in color to create a smearing effect in Adobe AI. This can be used with any number of starburst points.


3D effect

3D starburst effect. The plugin can create subtle color changes to each alternate part of the design to create a 3D like path. The above example combines multiple starbursts designs to create yet another unique starburst effect in Adobe AI


starburst diamond

The starburst plugin can control the distance from the center to the actual paths creating a diamond like graphic above.



The starburst plugin in Adobe AI can be used to create super colorful frames in seconds


Combine effects

The starburst plugin paths can be combined with other paths in seconds to create ever more complex shapes and these in turn can be modified by powerful plugins such as Mirrorme



The starburst plugin can also invert the starburst elements to create a 'camera snap' effect - a focus point for your image


orange starburst

The starburst plugin (above) can be used to create intense art in seconds. Great for manga or effect lines etc