Zigzag plugin for Illustrator - Create amazing vector shapes / borders / frames in CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2

-- Updated -- : June 24th, 2016

zigzag toolbox plugin for Illustrator



Zigzag plugin toolbox for Adobe ® Illustrator CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 10 PC MAC - Volume 5


Zigzag toolbox plugin for Adobe ® Illustrator CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS 10 for use on the PC and MAC.


3600 Combined unique types are included in the tool as well as the millions of possible variant artworks possible from randomization of the settings. The tool includes scaling and rotation settings + mirrors + random colors + warping + slanting / transformations + many different color combinations + drop shadow features + layers + paint trails + patterns + randomization of elements. You can also use the tool to create celtic weave like designs.


The plugin set is super interactive and fast and generates 1000s of great designs for your work in seconds.


All the generated artworks are all then totally royalty free for commercial use. You can use the tool to create frames, circular, random filled backgrounds, weird and wonderful abstract themed and more. Use the tool to create borders, patterns, fashions, T-shirts, shorts, packaging and much more.

Zigzag Plug-in for Illustrator

Installation of the Zigzag Plugin

Illustrator zigzag plugin panelThe set is an AIP file and needs to be placed in the AI path for plugins. Once located add to the plugins path, the tool will appear in the AI toolbox / toobar where you can select the tool and add paths in 1000s and 1000s of different ways.



Standard Illustrator Paths

The tool creates standard paths so you can modify any result in seconds. You can also re-color any of the artwork created. You can also convert any of the artwork generated into symbols or add them to the swatches panel. You can also copy the items from AI to Photoshop or to other applcations such as Affinity Designer

Examples of other related work on this site



CC Usage

Please note that the set will only work up to version CS5 and will not work in AI CC 2015 etc



Additional examples

Zigzag brushes

Zigzag custom shapes

Zigzag fonts




Video of the brushes (Youtube video by graphicxtras)



Below, you can see a basic application of the tool. Select the tool in the AI toolbar and drag downwards with the default setting (as well as adding a stroke of 10pt and also no fill) and the path was then duplicated using the alt key and then aligned and distributed to create an intense background / border effect





Below, the tool can create 1000s of different zigzag designs such as the square flat top (multiplied and rotated) in Adobe AI. The paths can then be further modified by adding new strokes and fills as well as live effects. The path below has a fill (black) as well as stroke (red) but they can be any color and can, of course, be changed after the generation of the stroke. The artwork can also be exported for use into other applications and used in PS and PS Elements say as well as exported into video tools such as After Effects





Below, a reflection effect. The tool can create mirror / reflected paths in seconds. The fill is set to green and the stroke to red. This can be used with all the different zag types in the tool. You can shift the distance between the path as well as add additional rotation and changes to the styles applied etc




The tool in Adobe AI can create square / rectangle / flat artwork in a variety of styles. The results of the path can also be modified in numerous ways such as stretching the generated paths or perhaps rotating them or perhaps duplicating them and blending them in many ways




Below, the tool includes many different color effects such as a color to black graduation. The stroke is set to black but it can be any color. Likewise the graduation does not need to start with white and finish in black, as you can use any start colors as well as select different options such as use swatches or inverted or half colors for the graduations.


rectangle lines graduated


Below, The tool can modify the fill to alternate the color (white and black in this case) and also a number of different combinations of types are displayed side by side. Great for creating interesting art deco themed artwork


alternate color


The tool can create many different color effects. The resultant path was then rotated about a central location and duplicated. The paths below were rotated using the windmill tool also available on graphicxtras but you could easily use the live effects menu transform command by using the rotate setting and copies.




Below, the tool can create a vast range of abstract graphics, square / sharp edged as well as curved in Adobe AI. The plugin creates multiple zigzags and all the elements can be randomized also - use this to create truly complex path designs. In the example below, a single path has been generated that uses different types for each element of the path (combining square and angle paths in numerous ways). The tool also features curve options as well as varying the width and colors etc of the work (though the result can be quite a mess, you can often create truly wonderful abstract work using the tool)


abstract background


Below, Red sharp edged background in Adobe AI (created in the plugin). the image can be combined to create many more unique graphics in seconds. The paths can be exported to other applications in the CC as well as other tools such as Affinity Photo


colorful  background


Variants on a single zigzag

Once you have your path, you don't have to keep it as is as you can modify it in many ways using the tools that come with AI as well as using other tools from third party plugin companies such as Astute Graphics. Some examples below in SVG of a single path