Graphic styles for Illustrator

Updated: March 30th, 2015

Illustrator graphic styles intense extreme for vector effects CC CS6 CS5 CS4

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Colorful Graphic styles for Illustrator (#2)

150 Mixed colorful graphic styles for Illustrator CC CS4 CS3 CS6 CS5 CS2 CS1 10 17 2014 includes gradients, shimmers, interlocking, pulse effect, cris cross, red glows, electric, solars, rings, edges, intense, and many more. PC (Windows 7, Windows 8, XP, Vista) and MAC OS X (all versions). They are accessible via the presets palette and modify in 1000s of ways, combine with appearance palette, use with paths and text and others. Truly amazing.


The Illustrator graphic styles are in AI format


Commercial use, all royalty free. Use to create items for sale (basically anything). All are by Andrew Buckle (


On purchase, receive the AI document along with documentation and gallery and serial

exciting  colorful graduated effects for all kinds of work

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Colorful radial / circular graphic styles for Illustrator (#5)

400 Colorful graduated including rounded, circular, padded, pulses, highlights, subtle, exclusions, tracks and many more for CC 2014 & CS 6 - 1.


Perfect for RGB though they can work in CMYK in most cases. You can access all the presets via the main palette - you can modify them even further by using the powerful appearance palette tools to add additional fills and strokes etc as well and modify.


For PC and MAC OS X.


Commercial use

aspect graphic styles radial spherical effects  CC CS6 CS5

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Aspect graduated Illustrator graphic styles (#9)

200 Aspect gradients including ripples, gradients, lines, weird, warped, rounded aspects, surreal, grayscale, glowing, spheres, rows, fiery and many more for CC & CS 6 5 4 (aspect only appear in version AI 4)


PC and MAC OS X.


They can be applied to paths, text as well as brushes and symbols etc. The colorful aspect gradients work best in RGB mode. They can be modified, combined, the paths can be exported to other applications and more. Vectors for all kinds of work. So what is the aspect ? Well, with recent releases of the app, the gradient dialog was extended and the gradients can now be distorted and elliptical (aspect) and the presets are amazing and unique combinations of those graduated aspects

rapid  scribble  scratchy  and rough textured effects

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Scribble sketches (#8)

150 Scribble and hand drawn and sketches - CS1 upwards to the latest version, CS6 and the creative cloud version. CC. The wonderful scribbles can be applied to paths and text.


Commercial (CU4CU) use to create items for sale and more. All are by Andrew Buckle / Many different scribbles are included in the set such as loose, rapid sketch, roughs, thick chunky scribbles, overlapping, pencils and more. You will have to modify the scaling of the scribbles dependent on the size of the path applied to.


You can modify the scribbles via the appearance palette. PC and MAC OS X.

patch effect square  and line effect graphic styles AI vectors

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Patch line graphic styles (#13)

100 Patch styles including tiles, weaves, tartans, lines and more for CC CS6 (16) CS5 (15) CS4 (14) CS3 (13) CS2 CS1 10 for use on the PC and MAC OS X.


Vectors for any size of work. They can be applied in 1000s of ways to paths and text and more within the applications.


They can be modified and re-colored via the appearance palette where you can add additional fills as well as re-color or remove or move elements.


Commercial (CU4CU) use, all are by Andrew Buckle /

styles for Illustrator pattern seamless  super color effects CC CS6 CS5 CS4

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Pattern tiles (#3)

900 Tile and jazzy styles as well as abstract wow patterns and more for CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 down to version 10 (17-10). Use the exciting tiles to the paths, text in 1000s of ways.


Commercial (CU4CU) use and super colorful, all by - great for creating items for sale, books and more.


They can also be exported to other applications such as Photoshop. They can be manipulated via the transform commands where they can be rotated and sheared and scaled and much more. Use to create millions of amazing patterns

stroke scribble brush stroke for effects

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Brush strokes graphic styles for Illustrator (#10)

100 Brush strokes graphic styles including random and tangled, contours, dotted, glow, random, layered, wiggled and more for use in CS2 upwards.


Commercial (CU4CU) use - you can use with text and paths to create truly wow graphics in seconds.


The brush strokes do need to be re-scaled after use in some circumstances as the presets were created with certain paths and re-use the strokes to a different size of path will result in a small or larger effect which might not be as required. Re-scale the effect via the appearance palette. Add to text and symbols and paths and more. PC & MAC.

rounded spherical  AI vector format

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Color gradient graphic styles for Illustrator (#12)

400 Color styles and weird and wonderful colors including surreal, shimmers, exclusions, satin, broken, rippled, glass looks and more.


For CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 10 for the PC and MAC OS X. Modify via the appearance palette. Work best in RGB color mode.


Commercial (CU4CU) use - use to create items for sale such as posters, bowls, postcards, wrist-lets, mugs, note books, magnets, prints and more.

Dynamic  stunning line graduated and sphericals

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Linear color styles (#4)

400 Color styles including metallic, dashes, chain mail effects, weaves, shimmers for CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 PC and MAC OS X.


Commercial (CU4CU) use.


Use to create items for sale such as skateboards, posters, kits, templates, key chains, magnets, baby apparel, patches, prints, documents and more. On buying the linear color set, you receive them in AI format along with documentation and gallery and serial number. Add to text, symbols, paths etc

Colorful text effects  CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3

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Gradient graphic styles (#1)

500 Mixed color and shimmers including solar presets, surreal, shimmer gradients and more for CC CS6 - 10, PC and MAC OS X.


Works best in RGB mode though they can also be used in most cases in CMYK as well. Modify them in seconds via the appearance palette. They work well with paths and text. They can be multiplied many times over by combining them and tweaking and adding extras with additional fills and strokes.


Commercial use.

extrude  rapid  extrusions 3D graphic styles

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Extrude 3D graphic styles for Illustrator (#11)

160 Extrude 3D settings including 3D transformations, tangled, rotations, transformations, duplications, blurry, extruded, smudged, spins and more for CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 (please note, not for CS1 because there was no extrude features in the earlier versions of AI).


Commercial use, royalty free. PC and MAC OS X.

grids different layout colorful vectors

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Cross grids for Illustrator (#7)

1000 Super colorful color styles including shimmers, glowing, dark themed presets, cross presets and more for CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 10 (17- 10).


PC and MAC.


Commercial (CU4CU) use. use to create amazing colorful items to sell, books, leaflets, posters, logos, textiles, adverts, webpages, scrap booking, packaging and more.


Vector graphics for any size of work all in AI for use on the PC and MAC.

stunning CC CS6 CS5 CS4 grids grid effects

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Grid graphic styles (#6)

400 Color effects include many different shimmery, perspective presets, curtains, pulses, smudged, grids, distorted, columns and many more for CC CS6 CS5.5 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 CS1 10 as well as including the latest versions for the Adobe Creative Cloud - all for the PC and MAC OS X.


Combine in millions of ways.

Illustrator graphic styles for all your projects modify line spherical  and appearance palette


They can be applied to any kind of path and can be modified in seconds via the appearance palette. You can manipulate the gradients etc included in the effect - subtle changes can make a big impact and you can use a single item as a source for perhaps 100s of other amazing effects. Of course, you can also add additional fills and effects on top of the existing - millions of great vector effects


3D effects and brushes for the most wonderful brush strokes (youtube)

How to install them

Create 3D zoom effect (youtube)


subtle can be applied to any paths such as rectangle


Spherical color. You can select any path in Adobe AI and then just use the effect by selecting the item in the presets palette. The spherical effect can also be further modified via the appearance palette

What are the Illustrator graphic styles?

They are stored effects for AI. Simply click and use the presets with paths or text. They are a useful toolkit for countless effects - superb time savers and can used in many different projects. Of course, the effects are only the initial point and various effects can be applied as well as added to the effect via the appearance palette and you can always remove elements such as a fill or stroke

How to access the Illustrator graphic styles ?

Go to the window menu and select the Illustrator graphic style menu option - the palette will then appear and will be filled with all the current effects though this varies from version to version of AI. Select a oath and text and then use with the effects


star applied to stars with blue


Added a star vector shape, you can add the effect to any shape. The shape has then been duplicated with the attached effect using the ALT key


1) Display palette via windows menu

2) go to the right side of the palette

3) Select the open library menu command

4) Select one of the sets

5) Select the other library option

6) Select

7) They are now added to the document library and can be used any time you open the document / artboard.

How are the effects stored ?

open only via palette and apply stripe line  multi-colored


The effects can be applied to all kinds of paths and can be re-colored and modified in millions of ways via the appearance palette

applied to different text / type


They can be applied to text, different ones have been applied to the different characters

How to use tiles as an effect ?

Apply a tile to a selected path and then go to the palette and select the new option. You can combine multiple tiles and fills either by creating new fills in the appearance palette or duplicating tiles in the appearance palette. The tiles can be further combined by using blending modes and effects and transparency.


With CC CS6, you can now also use the effects as a source for tiles - the example on the left is the source with a scribble effect applied via the presets palette. The example on the right is a path with a tiles applied based on that live effect (multiple scribbles overlapping). Use the new tile editor in CS6 to create 1000s of unique tiles from the wonderful live effects


can be applied to all kinds of paths and shapes


They can be applied to all kinds of path - in any kind of shape.

3D and extrude  are included in the sets on white background


3D ring - basically select a single point and you can create thins wonderful 3D ring as well as a blurry shadow

pattern green and brown broken square effects


Green and brown and red square pattern effect - this is from the pattern set V3

Creative cloud ?

Yes, they work perfectly well with the latest version of AI. You can also copy the paths including the effects to other applications in the set such as Photoshop and Fireworks.


square path with transformation extrude effect


3D y transformation applied to a basic square path creating an interesting twirled path effect

How to use Illustrator graphic styles to paths ?


super colorful vectors CC CS6 etc


Apply to different paths, blurry effects as well as intense ring effects


Select a path and then go to the palette and apply the required effect. you can also then modify the effect via the appearance palette such as adding a new fill or stroke as well as offset or live effect.


1) Select a path

2) Window menu and display palette

3) Open library

4) Select and apply

5) Window menu followed by appearance palette

6) Select one of the fills or one of the strokes

7) Modify color effects by using stop tool

8) Or add a new fill via the right side menu

9) Or drag a fill or stroke to the delete (or click)


blending modes and blending multiple paths


You can also blend multiple paths on top of each other to create a vast range of colorful effects such as the thin line gradient ripple - the above uses the exclusion blending mode in combinations with other fills

applied to an oval path highlight gradient  CC CS6 CS5


They can be applied to all kinds of shapes and can be modified in many different ways. A radial preset applied above

duplicated gradient filled with multiple strokes and width


The fills and strokes of the preset can be duplicated and modified such as applying a width profile to the duplicated stroke

stroke  applied to line - multiple stroke paths in CC


Line stroke preset applied to strokes with shadow

stroke with gradients and offsets applied


Many different stroke presets exist in the set such as colorful gradients and shadows

How to use all the Illustrator graphic styles styles in one go

If you have a number of the sets and lots and lots of AI documents, you might like to create one super library of all the effects. Not particularly recommended as that will probably make quite a hit on the addons of AI but if you have a lot of memory and a super powerful machine you can always create that AI document. Just open a completely new AI document and then open each of the libraries in turn via the palette and then select all the live effects required (many are made up of fill / stroke / scribble combinations) and these will be added to the current open file. On finishing all the file sets, you can then save that file as a massive AI document of all the effects. I am not sure it is a great idea but I have been asked a number of times for this. Perhaps not so much the saving of the file (and it might corrupt) but I would imagine it will be fairly slow on opening - certainly slower than going to the individual files.


Another option, and probably better, just place all the AI documents in the presets folder and then access the preset library (one of them) and at the bottom, you will see an arrow back and forward, you can click that to go from one AI document to another file and another set of effects. You can also use the search option though as the names as not particular descriptive, this might be of less use

Combine / blend / merge with paths & Illustrator graphic styles

You can merge paths with effects by applying different blending modes to different overlapping paths containing the same or different effects and create even more stunning and unique graphics (these can then be added to the symbols palette for future use). Go to the transparency panel and then change the blending mode for the top path (or top paths if you have more than one).


You can change the live effect applied as well as the blending mode and also the opacity to create a near infinite range of unique and wonderful color effects applied to any path. As the paths are separate paths, the appearance palette is not so useful in this case but you can still modify the individual components of the effects for the separate paths.


You can also just add the effects to the same path with slight offsets to create a more surreal color vector. You can also apply the presets and then add live effects such as blurs or grain effects to the same and merge those to create even more wonderful hi-impact effects.


text stroke  applied gradient contour effect CC


Stroke presets can also be applied in 1000s of ways to text

Applie Illustrator graphic styles to border / frame

The AI effects can be used to apply to paths and can be used to create stunning borders

1) Draw rectangle

2) Draw a smaller rectangle path

3) Align (#ia the align palette) so the latest path is on top of the earlier path

4) Pathfinder palette menu followed by minus front option

5) Select combined path

6) Apply preset via the palette

7) Place border above any image


You don't have to use an effect with just a square for a border, a border can be created with sphericals as well as triangles and many other shapes. The borders do not need to be just a single frame. You can always duplicate the border and then apply a totally different effect to the border and then perhaps apply a rotation or another live effect.

Scaling effects presets / Illustrator graphic styles

Some of the AI effects / presets might be great with a 600 x 600 path (they are generally created with that in mind) but if set to 10 x 10 path or 4000 x 4000 size path then you might need to scale the settings. To do this you must go to the appearance palette and set the extrude or scribble settings with a smaller or larger value. The effects do not store the initial size of the path and scaling is definitely required sometimes. This is the same for native effects as well - some post work is often required to set the effect to the correct size of the path. What works for a small path will not often work for a huge path especially if it contains strokes.


The presets can be used with any size of document or path. Most require no tweaking but some such as the scribbles will require some scaling and this can be done via the appearance palette. The scribble effects can be radically changed by a slight modification of the scribble settings


If you are using CS5 CS4 etc you can also use the vector wand from us, it includes an option to directly modify the scaling factor of any preset. Sadly this scaling option is not directly available via the appearance or any setting (why still baffles me)


If the style includes a pattern tile then you can always scale the tile via the edit menu and transform followed by scale command. Always remember to de-select the OBJECT option and leave the other option to ON otherwise the object will increase or decrease in size as well.