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rapid  scribble  scratchy  and rough textured effects

Works with: Adobe Illustrator

Format: AI

License: Extended Commercial, royalty free

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Scribble graphic styles for Illustrator gallery (#8) 150 Sketch effects for CS1 upwards to the latest version, CS6 and the creative cloud version. CC 2015 and 2014.


The wonderful line effects can be applied to paths and text. Commercial (CU4CU) use to create items for sale and more. All are by Andrew Buckle /


Many different sketch effects are included in the set such as loose, rapid sketch, roughs, thick chunky scribbles, overlapping, pencils and more. You will have to modify the scaling of the scribbles dependent on the size of the path applied to. You can modify the effects via the appearance panel when applied to paths and type.


PC and MAC OS X.

stroke textlinecurved

Stroke styles for Illustrator gallery (#10) 100 Brush effects including random and tangled, contours, dotted, glow, random, layered, wiggled and more for use in CS2 upwards. Commercial (CU4CU) use - you can use with text and paths to create truly wow graphics in seconds. The brush strokes do need to be re-scaled after use in some circumstances as the presets were created with certain paths and re-use the strokes to a different size of path will result in a small or larger effect which might not be as required. Re-scale the effect via the appearance panel. Add to text and symbols and paths and more. PC & MAC.

Scribble and stroke styles for Illustrator

Other sets

You can find Extrude 3D Graphic Styles as well as Illustrator Graphic Styles as well as Pattern Styles for Illustrator and they also work well with swatches such as letter swatches (which can also be used just as normal paths)


How to scale them ?? You don't want to keep it the same surely

Some of the AI effects / presets might be great with a 600 x 600 path (they are generally created with that in mind) but if set to 10 x 10 path or 4000 x 4000 size path then you might need to scale the settings. To do this you must go to the appearance panel and set the extrude or scribble settings with a smaller or larger value. The effects do not store the initial size of the path and scaling is definitely required sometimes. This is the same for native effects as well - some post work is often required to set the effect to the correct size of the path. What works for a small path will not often work for a huge path especially if it contains strokes. The presets can be used with any size of document or path. Most require no tweaking but some such as the scribbles will require some scaling and this can be done via the appearance panel. The scribble effects can be radically changed by a slight modification of the scribble settings. If you are using CS5 CS4 etc you can also use the vector wand from us, it includes an option to directly modify the scaling factor of any preset. Sadly this scaling option is not directly available via the appearance or any setting (why still baffles me). If the graphic effect includes a pattern tile then you can always scale the tile via the edit menu and transform followed by scale command. Always remember to de-select the OBJECT option and leave the other option to ON otherwise the object will increase or decrease in size as well.