Mixed symbols for Illustrator

Updated: January 20th, 2015

Illustrator symbols

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Mixed symbols for Illustrator (#1)

1000 Mixed symbols for Illustrator CC CS2 CS6 CS3 CS4 CS5 17 2014 15 10 CS1 etc PC and MAC royalty free shapes. All the mixed artwork are for commercial use, all are by graphicxtras.com. The mixed symbols are in AI and can be loaded via the symbols palette or via the windows menu. The set includes stripes, circular, lines, wavy, spirals, waves, 3D and many more for use throughout the application

Mixed symbols for Illustrator


mixed symbols for Illustrator vectors


Many different mixed symbols are included in the set such as hearts

heat grid symbol for Illustrator blocks


A heat grid symbol for Illustrator mix of red and black blocks

fractal splatter vectors


Fractal symbols Vector graphics for Illustrator including red and purple paths

diamond mixed shapes


They can be duplicated and aligned and distributed as required

mixed spiral shape for AI with shadow


Spiral design included in the set, the preset includes a shadow with the same form as the orange. You can double click the instance and then edit the shadow and change the offset and the shadow color as well as the source shape's color.

starflash vectors


You can use the presets once or multiple times. Great for creating patterns and tiles in AI

starflash pattern


You can select any of the vector shapes and then go to the object menu and pattern editor and use the shape as a new swatch. You can use them in a vast number of ways such as different colors, multiple copies, shadows applied, effects applied, re-sized and more

mixed sprayer and stainer


You can apply the selected design (in the palette) via the sprayer tool and by selecting the stainer tool and a solid color fill (such as blue) you can change the color of the instance (in this case, a star preset)