Swirl Symbols for Illustrator CC CS6 CS5 inc. florals, scroll, embellishments

swirl symbols

Swirl symbols / shapes are for Adobe Illustrator CC CS6 CS5 CS4 CS3 etc. The swirl symbols are for use on the PC and MAC. The swirl symbols / shapes include many different designs such as flourish symbols, curled symbols, embellishment symbols, scroll symbols, floral symbols and more. The swirl symbols are for commercial and personal use, all royalty free, all are by The swirl symbols are all vectors for any size of work. They can be easily loaded via the symbols panel in Illustrator. The swirl symbols can be used via the symbol sprayer tool via the toolbar in Illustrator. They can be also just dragged to the artboard and used. You can use the swirl symbols as normal paths. You can use them as a great source for swatches and patterns and brush strokes. You can export the artwork for use into Photoshop and other parts of Creative cloud. You can add color to the artworks. You can turn the swirl symbols from static to dynamic and use with the new color features. You can edit the source swirl symbols and add additional designs. You can distort and transform the artworks. You can apply effects and additional fills etc to the swirl symbols and edit them via the appearance panel. All the swirl symbols / shapes are supplied in AI format and come with notes and gallery and serial. Many different sets of unique designs are available for Illustrator.

Download $3.99 / Buy now 170 Flourish vector shapes AI Swirl symbols / shapes gallery V62.

Download $3.99 / Buy now 240 Amazing embellishment / flourish shapes AI Swirl Symbols gallery V41.

Download $3.99 / Buy now 170 Flourish Shapes AI Illustrator Swirl / Celtic Symbols gallery V49.

Download $3.99 / Buy now 250 Embellishment and scroll symbols AI Swirls gallery V30

Download $3.99 / Buy now 250 Wow scroll shapes AI Scroll symbols gallery V29.

Download $3.99 / Buy now 200 Swirl / flourish vector symbols AI Check out presets in set V16.

Download $3.99 / Buy now 100 Amazing floral and scrolling symbols AI Display of artwork in set V74.

Download $3.99 / Buy now 100 Stunning vector designs AI Display of artwork in set V70

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swirl symbols

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You can combine the swirl symbols with other sets and paths such as spiral and curled and scrolled symbols and floral / embellished symbols for Illustrator and another wonderful floral flower and rosette design symbols You can use the appearance panel to fill the swirl symbols with colorful swatches such as flower pattern swatches and edge themed frame and edge pattern swatches and colorful super colorful gradient swatches for use in Illustrator


The swirl symbols can be blended together to form many new unique artworks for your work as well as combined in backgrounds and textures, you can add textures to the artworks (especially using tools such as Astute Graphics Texturino) and much more. On purchase of the swirl symbols set, you receive the artwork in AI format along with a gallery and serial and notes. They are all super easy to load and use in seconds via the symbols panel.