Innovation Plugins for Photoshop, PSP, GIMP, Elements inc blurs, distortions, color, posterization filters PC

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Price: £3.49 Approx. $5 US Dollars / 4.42 EU / 345 Rupees

Artist: Andrew Buckle

Compatible software: Photoshop, Elements, PSP, Painter

Format: 8BF

License: Extended Commercial

FREE: FREE samplers *


Innovations Plugins volume 1 - Plugins for Adobe ® Photoshop, PSP etc PC


26 Powerful Effects for CC 2015 2014 CS5 CS6 etc PSP, Elements, Painter including posterization, distortions, edge plug-in, blur effects, color effects, inverse effects, random and grains effects and more.


PC only.


They are for use on 64bit / 32bit versions on the PC.


They are all packed with amazing blend options (100 of them including frame and blend options and invert and more) as well as effect modes where the resulting plug-in effect is applied as an unique blur and sepia etc effect. The plug-ins also all include stunning color randomization settings as well as a vast range of gradient blends / post processing effects that can apply millions of amazing color effects to your image.


They also can be combined with smart filters with the most recent versions of Photoshop as well as actions and scripting.


On buying the plugin set, you receive a download link to the plug-ins (all in 8BF format) and that includes additional material.

Plugins for Photoshop, PSP etc

white blast

How can I find free ones

The free plugin is a blurry effect filter, needs to be installed in the filter path of your favorite application. It is a free use tool for the PC, not the mac. The set includes many kinds of effects such as adding random color noise to any image in a variety of unique ways (as below)


random times noise

Included with the set

Blur fuzzy

Blur shudder

Color add

Coloring set

Color flow

Color inverse time

Color nightmares

Color Posterpaints

Color posters

Distort cutting edge

Distort shift mesh

Distort sliced turn

Distort wavy city

Distort wavy cut

Edge works

Edge Edgy

Edge Edgy 2

Emboss pic

Silver Lining

Noise gritty

Noise random times

Pattern gridway

Pattern lightshow

Pattern op art

Utility Both sides

Utility reflections




Documentation for the set can be found via Issuu


Use the color both sides plugin to add an unique mirror invert effect in seconds




Or add posterization effects in many different ways such as using the 'average setting' - great for metallic like effects




Or add color using a variety of inbuilt color flow gradients




Or tweak the color using the color add tool


red effect color


Or add a fuzzy darkening effect


fuzzy effect


Or combine the fuzzy effect with tools such as oil paint filter included in PS - you can always set up all kinds of actions that combine the fuzzy and posterization or randomization effects along with the standard filters that are included in PS




Or use the blending color addition tools to create interesting blends


color add blend


Or create garish color (green) in seconds using the coloring set tool


coloring set


Or use the color flow to fade an image from right to left


color flow fade


Or add a row or blinds to any image


flow rows


Or create weird and wonderful nightmarish warped images


nightmare yellow effect


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