Color Effects Plug-in for Photoshop, PSP, Elements etc 32bit PC


Updated: August 24th, 2015

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Color effects plug-in for Adobe ® Photoshop, PSP etc - Plugins volume 15 PC 32 bit

USD $5.49

Single plug-in for 1000s of color effects for Adobe ® Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro and many others. Stunning color effect plugin for Adobe ® Photoshop packed with many different filters and color effects. Modify images in many different ways. PC only. The color effects plugin is a Standard 8BF plugin and is installed via the plug-in path of the host application. The plugin can be used in Adobe Photoshop CC CS6 etc (please check out the free sampler plugins page to check the plugin with your favourite application, if the free sampler plugins are fine with that then the color effects plugin will also work fine. The plugin includes millions of different color effects along with 52 basic filters. The plugin also combines the color effects with gradients and also other blending modes. The plug-in can be used with other plugins. The color effects plugin can also be used as a smart filter with the recent versions of Photoshop, as well as works fine with Photoshop actions and scripting. The color effect plugin can be used with color channels separately so you can apply the color effects to the red channel etc and ignore the other channels. The plugin also works well with many other Photoshop color modes such as LAB and CMYK etc. On buying the plugin set, you receive the download link to the plugin set along with presets and also a serial number for any future updates of the set.