Power Blend Plug-ins for Photoshop, Elements, PSP PC

-- Updated -- : June 29th, 2016


Power Blend Plugins volume 16 for Adobe ® Photoshop, PSP and others PC

Power blend gradient color plug-in packed with millions and millions of colorful overlays and visual effects. The tools works by using the Foreground and background color setting found in the toolbox / Photoshop but the plugin also offers many additional ways of using variants of those colors such as color randomization, inverted color randomization and much more. The set combines (in its raw form) three different gradients (these are not the same as the standard Photoshop gradients) and the gradients can be combined in millions of different ways. The gradients also come in many different styles as well as different gradient types such as cross gradients, diamond gradients, radial gradients, corner gradients, frame gradients and so on. Once combined, the gradients can also be blended with the underlying image in 100 different ways as well as the color and center etc can be modified. The gradients also can be used as a source for effects modes where the underlying effect is used as a source for unique blurs and smears and sepia and paint / shift / distortions. You can also use the gradient plugin on layers and use layer transparency settings to modify the layer transparency (to create truly unique combinations of shadows and bevel and glow effects if combined with Photoshop layer effects. The set also allows for the additional combination of post processing gradients (millions of different gradient blends and effects) to creat even more unique color work. The plugin includes additional randomization features so simply by clicking the extreme button many of the settings can be randomized to create truly unique and wow gradients for your projects. The end result gradients can, of course, be combined in millions of different ways as well as be used as a source for amazing patterns. The plugin can also be used in LAB and well as CMYK and RGB and grayscale as well as other channel modes. The "power blend" is easy to install and add to Photoshop as well as other plugin hosts simply by adding the 8BF plugin to the plugin path. Once installed, the tool is accessed via the filter menu. The set also comes with a selection of presets but you can also open and save your own presets for even more amazing effects. You can use the plugin with Photoshop scripting as well as actions and also with the Photoshop smart filter settings. Includes 32bit and 64bit versions

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