Arch swatches for Illustrator

Updated: March 10th, 2015

Illustrator swatches arches

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Arch swatches for Illustrator (#44)

100 Arch Illustrator swatches for CC CS3 CS2 CS1 12 CS4 11 2014 CS5 CS6 etc royalty free, commercial (CU4CU) use by Andrew Buckle / All the arch swatches for Illustrator are powerful vector seamless tiles for all your work. PC MAC OS X. The arch swatches for Illustrator can be combined in millions of different ways, merged, exported, distorted, blended, used as sources for brushes, used as sources for symbols. The vectors are for any size of work. Load the arch swatches for Illustrator via the swatches palette library command and then apply to paths and text. On buying, you receive the download link to the arch swatches in AI along with swatches documentation and gallery + serial FREE sampler to download

Arch swatches for Illustrator


arch swatches columns rows for Illustrator CC CS3 black


Columns or perhaps the Coliseum (well, in the early days)

scale and height and width rectangular outlines


You can use them any in any size, they can be set to large size by using the editor and setting a larger width and height setting

hex type for pattern with rectangular form


You can set the type of pattern such as hex / brick etc via the editor tool.

What can I do with the items ??

They are for commercial as well as personal use, you can use them also to create new items that can be used in sets that you can sell (CU4CU). You can also use them to create posters, mugs, textiles, ceramics, papers, wallpaper, cards, boxes, adverts, packaging and many more. You can basically use them for most of your projects, there are very few restrictions. You can use them world-wide, use them without any time limits etc


glow effects in Photoshop


Glow effects added via the camera raw filter in PS, you can always copy the filled path from AI to PS and then add effects and return to AI. Not that the actual tiles work as well from one to the other. The default type works ok but the other fills such as hex often require a little more work to use them in the PS tools (even if it is possible). It is just easier copying a path from AI to PS than trying to get the patterns to work cross app.

arch swatches for Illustrator pointed color overlay


Colorful overlay by adding a path with opacity set to 50%

arch swatches for Illustrator rounded overlay orange


Many different arch swatches are included in the set for use throughout Illustrator such as rounded arch

arch swatches for Illustrator pattern editor


They can be edited in 1000s of ways via the object menu pattern editor - the above arch swatches were very close to each other, it has now be spaced slightly wider via the pattern editor

red blue swatches for Illustrator arch


Red and blue in Adobe AI - all very American

How to load them ??

They are supplied in an AI file. There are many videos available via our graphicxtras channel showing how to add the AI files to the app. You can just load them via the palette and other library functionality. You can also add them to the presets folders and then you can just access them by name. You can also just open them via the source file but then they are limited only to that file but it does mean you can change the source paths (perhaps a black path into an orange or green one or perhaps add additional paths to the library)


shadow hex


You can quickly add a shdow to any of the paths either via the editor (edit source) or by using two filled paths with red and black fills. The fill type was also set to hex instead of the default grid option

text fills with red and blue rounded curved art


The paths can be filled with the patterns, text or normal paths. Red and blue art fill (as above) but scaled via the object menu transform scale command.

arch swatches for Illustrator type and text combined


Text can be combined with the arc swatches in numerous ways in Adobe AI

arch swatches color fill using ungroup clipping mask


They can be used to fill any selected paths. They can be ungrouped and expanded, and released from clipping mask - the individual elements can be re-colored

abstract arch swatch for Illustrator in pink


Abstract pink vector repeating tile up and down lines