Arch swatches for Illustrator CC S6 CS5 CS4 CS3 CS2 etc (pattern tiles)

Updated: March 7th, 2014

Illustrator swatches arches

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Preview : 100 Arch swatches / patterns for Adobe Illustrator (v44)

100 Stunning arch themed swatches, commercial (CU4CU) use by Andrew Buckle / All the arch swatches for Illustrator are powerful vector seamless tiles for all your work. The arch swatches / patterns for Illustrator are for use in Adobe Illustrator CC CS6-10 (as well as Illustrator 17 - 10) PC MAC OS X. The arch swatches for Illustrator can be combined in millions of different ways, merged, exported, distorted, blended, used as sources for brushes, used as sources for symbols. The vectors are for any size of work. Load the arch swatches for Illustrator via the swatches palette library command and then apply to paths and text. See all the arch swatches included in the set via the arch swatches link above. If you have any questions about the arch swatches for Illustrator, please contact us on On buying the arch swatches for Illustrator set, you receive the download link to the arch swatches in standard AI format along with swatches documentation and gallery of all the arch swatches / tiles along with a serial number for any future update of the set.


Swatches for Illustrator installation video



A video showing how to install the swatches - the swatches are easy to load and use and can be used to create millions of wonderful designs. Even more powerful now with the latest pattern editor feature of Illustrator. The video is on youtube and is by me (Andrew Buckle)