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Background symbols for Illustrator

background symbols for Illustrator curved curled ripple textures

The background symbols are for use in Illustrator CC CS6 CS5 CS4 etc. The background symbols are for use on the pc and mac.

Background symbols

AI format, download


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ripple background mesh symbols for Illustratorbackground symbols linescurved lines background symbolstangle backgroundcircular background symbols

You can use the background symbols in commercial as well as personal work, all the artworks are royalty free and no credit is required for their use. The background symbols are all by / Andrew Buckle

intense lines

You can combine the artworks in thousands and thousands of ways using blending modes and color guides etc to re-color the work to create millions of unique powerful vector designs from the set


The background symbols are all supplied in AI format. Access the background symbols artworks via the symbols panel. On purchase of the set, you receive the AI file along with notes and gallery and serial


Illustrator symbols Freebies

Free selection of AI Illustrator symbols to tryout



Install the backgrounds

  1. Download the zip file of the background themed artworks

  2. Unzip the background artworks ai files and store the AI files and supplied gallery etc away in an archive for your backup

  3. Copy the background AI file over to the symbols folder of Illustrator

  4. Access the backgrounds AI file via the symbols panel in Illustrator

How to use the backgrounds as normal paths

  1. Drag the background symbol to the artboard

  2. Select the design

  3. Object menu

  4. Expand

  5. Apply filters etc or use it as a brush design or split apart the various parts of the background design

Background symbols work with

PC and MAC

CC 2017

CC 2015

CC 2014







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