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cross symbols for Illustrator

Cross symbols for Illustrator CC 2017 2015 2014 CS6 CS5 CS4 etc. The cross symbols are for use on the pc and mac. They are supplied in standard AI format. You can access the cross symbols in Illustrator via the symbols panel. Apply the cross symbols via the sprayer tools. You can also drag the cross symbols to the artboard via the panel. You can use them as also a source for normal paths as well as swatches. They can also be copied over to other parts of the creative cloud and used in Photoshop etc


You can use them in commercial work as well as personal. The cross symbols are all royalty free. All the artworks are by / Andrew Buckle


Many different cross symbols are included such as spotted cross symbols, abstract cross symbols, rounded abstract symbols, shadow cross symbols, religious cross symbols, frames and more


Sets are $10.95 each, all in AI format, downloads


BUY 100 Cross symbols (V106) Cross / religious symbols for Illustrator

BUY 100 Artworks / religious (V81) Cross vector symbols for Illustrator


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Free symbols for Illustrator

Selection of free symbols

Creation of cross symbols in Illustrator

The core of the cross symbol is fairly easy to make


  1. New document

  2. Rectangle tool in Illustrator toolbar

  3. Select a color for the fill or / and stroke

  4. Draw a rectangle horizontally

  5. Draw another rectangle vertically (though longer than the horizontal)

  6. Position the horizontal rectangle 1/3 from top of the vertical rectangle and align

  7. Horizontally align centers of both (using align tools)

  8. Window menu and pathfinder panel

  9. Click unite

  10. Window menu and symbols (to display the symbols panel)

  11. Drag the cross into the symbols panel

  12. Give it a new name

  13. Export type can be ignored

  14. Dynamic symbol

  15. OK


You now have a very basic cross symbol


You could also not save it to the symbols panel (for now) and then develop the design a little more. You could add a wood pattern to the artwork (if you have one) or perhaps use the width profiles or add brush strokes to the cross design. You could add other paths to the design or use other paths to remove from the cross. You could add a metallic gradient effect to the cross design and then save that to the symbols panel. The basic cross can be filled with other designs and effects can be added such as a mezzotint or halftone effect. The cross can be duplicated and re-sized and transformed or warped and much more. You can then either save the cross to the symbols panel or perhaps to the library CC panel for future use. Or export it to Photoshop or After Effects etc